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* I can juggle. Balls, specifically. I'd like to learn clubs. I also like playing with my devil's sticks. (There, have you gotten enough fodder for a 'that's what she said' outta that?)

* I'm a classically trained singer. I'm interested in many forms of music, but my latest vocal interest is Sacred Harp singing, and most recent instrumental obsessions are the Celtic harp and the hang-hang. (Figures that I'd get attached to expensive instruments. When that bag of money drops out of the sky, I might even learn to play one or both of those.) My mom plays bassoon and piano professionally, and my great aunt was an opera singer, so I come by the gift honestly.

* I'm engaged to a country boy, aka The Fuzzy One (because he's a hairy beast). We've been together for 10 years this June - we might even get married someday... Fuzzy doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, so he's gone back to college. At first, it was a toss-up between EMT and architect - but the final decision has been made: civil engineering, class of 2014!

* I'm a trained and experienced birth doula. I'm always up for a conversation about pregnancy and birth-related topics. You can read more about me at DoulaMatch -

* My 'day job' is as a database admin with a state level government association. I code SQL queries, and do data entering, auditing and maintenance. It's a living.

* I like BPAL. It's nice.

You can pretty much ask me anything. I'm an open book.

The land of legislators, lobbyists and college students.




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