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I am an ecentric military man, recently decidied to dedicate this as a full career instead of a 6-year lark. My interests are too varied to list but mostly centered on what would be popularly discribed as escapist. I'd like to belive that this is mainly due to the more active imagination that can be applied to these concepts when compared to more realistic venues, but one can only ever be so sure about anything, especialy the workings of their own mind. If one could successfully impartiate ones self to look from outside, then that individuals perspective would likely be different, but returning to the confines of their mind that gained perspective would alter the original self, making the gained knowledge of self obsolete.

Hmmm, I'm not sure what that rant had to do with things, but it probably is a good example of my mind's workings. Therefore let it stay. Those that unnderstand any relevence it has are bettered, those that don't are confused. I think I'll leave things at that.

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