Oladel Adewole

Chapter 1 Episode 1 | The Machine God | The Drifting Isle Chronicles

Mai 4th

Professor Oladel Adewole put his cup down on the coffeehouse table. Thin, insipid, badly roasted, outrageously expensive--Eisenstadters called this coffee? At least the early Mai day was reasonably warm, warm enough to sit outside; still, scudding clouds just touched Erukso'i, the enormous island floating in the east above the city. The locals called the island Inselmond--he must learn to call it by its Eisenstadter name. He drummed his long brown fingers on the table and resumed nibbling on the sugared biscuit he'd gotten to wash the coffee down. At least these people knew how to make decent pastry.

A tiny rustling brought his attention toward his feet; small birds were searching the cobblestones for crumbs. They resembled the tiny yellow sparrows back home in Jero, but dun-colored and drab--rather a good comparison between Jero and Eisenstadt. A little brown sparrow hopped away from the clump toward him.

"Tsee! Tsee-tsee-tsee-tsee-Hi! You finishing that? Tsee? Tsee?"

Jero's tiny yellow sparrows did not accost coffeehouse patrons. "Pardon?" said Adewole.



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