An Intiimate History of the Greater Kingdom

High-Resolution Map of Tremont


This is the "state of the world" map as of Son in Sorrow, begun by the author and nicely finished up by mapmaker Robert Altbauer. Further details will be added as the years go by (more detailed maps of Inchar and Sairland, for instance, and a map of Tremont City), but most major world features are present on this map.

This file is at 300 dpi and is suitable for printing.

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Lovers and Beloveds (Paperback)


Fantasy Book Critic 2010 Top 6 Indie Fantasy Book: "A+...I would definitely urge you to try this one."

Just turned 18, Prince Temmin Antremont has finally joined his father's court, only to walk straight into a power struggle between the secular and the sacred. The twin gods of love and sex call Temmin to serve in the Lovers' Temple for two years, a call made even more tempting by the seductive twins who embody the gods.

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