An Intiimate History of the Greater Kingdom

Fairy Tales from the Greater Kingdom Vol. 1


These favorite Tremontine fairy tales were collected by the great folklorist Reinerik Grandalon during the reign of Kings Warin VII and Temmin V, and include four of the royal family's favorite stories:

In Ellika's favorite, the classic Corrish tale "Little Snowflake," an abused queen finds help in the forest.

"Winter's Girl," one of Mattie Dunley's favorite stories, pits a sassy girl who says she doesn't believe in the spirit world against the brothers Summer and Winter.

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Accounts: An Allis and Issak Obby Story


Allis and Issak Obby, the twin children of a prostitute, have lived in the House of Polls all their short lives. When their mother dies and leaves behind a large debt, the madam decides to use them to pay it. But a mysterious figure with ties to the Gods known as the Lovers has other ideas and will stop at nothing to rescue and avenge them.

A stand-alone short story prequel to the series An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom.

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IHGK High-Res Character Study Pack


Eleven character studies:

Allis and Issak Obby

...all in one download. These are 300-dpi jpeg files, suitable for printing though not formatted to a particular page size. You will get a zipped file with all eleven inside. Buying these files separately would cost $32.45, but buying them all in a pack you'll save more than half!

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Son in Sorrow: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom Book Two (paperback)


In this sequel to Lovers and Beloveds, MeiLin Miranda continues the saga of the Antremont family, kings of one continent, would-be emperors of another, and subjects to the whims of gods.

For a thousand years, the trapped, immortal Teacher has carefully planned escape. Now it all depends on one heartbroken young man.

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