Donnis Provisa

Chapter 6 Part 6 | Son in Sorrow | IHGK Book 2

Ansella paused, remembering their early marriage. She had loved him, though she thought she'd schooled herself out of it by now. She wondered if he'd loved her then or simply wanted her. He couldn't possibly love her now, not after so many years apart. "I'm surprised you're nostalgic for that time. I know I'm not."

"You never think back on our early days?"

"Not in the way you seem to." She moved away from him onto her back to stare up at the canopy again.

Harsin twisted onto his side and propped his head on his hand. "What do you think of?"

Chapter 6 Part 5 | Son in Sorrow | IHGK Book 2

This section is NSFW.

Temmin stumbled through the shadowed gardens, swatting away worshippers eager to be one with him. Where was the girl with the sapphire eyes? He should know her name, but what did it matter? Neya said she was his, he would find her, and when he did--

There! She was running towards him, she was in his arms, she was clawing at him. "Wait--wait," he said. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder; passers-by cheerfully hooted congratulations. Where could he take her? He shifted her weight with a grunt and headed for a nook few knew about, where the grass grew long and bushes blocked the wind.

Chapter 5 Part 8 | Son in Sorrow | IHGK Book 2

Lady Donnis Provisa, Dowager Marchioness of Petras, looked nothing like her younger cousin. Her eyes were nut brown, her hair the same color though lightly threaded with somewhat wiry white; her skin less like a dainty porcelain creamer and more like the pottery the cream arrived in from the farmyard; her face broad, ruddy, and good-natured.


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