Lovers and Beloveds: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom Book One (ebook)

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Fantasy Book Critic 2010 Top 6 Indie Fantasy Book: "A+...I would definitely urge you to try this one."

For a thousand years, the trapped, immortal Teacher has carefully planned escape. Everything depends on one naive young man.

Prince Temmin Antremont has been sheltered from assassins and women for eighteen years. Now at his father's court, forces he can neither control nor understand pull at him from all sides. But none pull harder than the Lovers, the twin gods of love and sex. King Harsin believes an old prophecy: if Temmin joins the Lovers' Temple the monarchy will end.

The gods are irresistible, and the King is implacable. With Teacher's help, Temmin must decide which is more dangerous--defying his father or defying the gods. But does Teacher intend to continue the Antremonts' rule, or end it?

Set in a Victorianesque world of magic, sexuality, political intrigue and military conquest, Lovers and Beloveds is the first book in the fantasy family saga An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom.

420 pages in paperback.

Book two, "Son in Sorrow," is now available!

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