Book One: Lovers and Beloveds

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Goodreads overall rating for Lovers and Beloveds: 3.83 stars over 173 reviews!

"Everything I adore in high fantasy--lush worldbuilding, political intrigue, and compelling characters--combined with something I rarely find in high fantasy--intelligent, well-written, relevant sex" -- M.K. Hobson, author of The Native Star

For a thousand years, the trapped, immortal Teacher has carefully planned escape. Now, in the plan's end game, everything depends on one naive young man...

Just turned 18, Prince Temmin Antremont has finally joined his father's court, only to walk straight into a power struggle between the secular and the sacred. The twin gods of love and sex call Temmin to serve in the Lovers' Temple for two years, a call made even more tempting by the seductive twins who embody the gods.

Prophecy suggests that Temmin's entrance into the Temple spells the kingdom's end, and the King will stop at nothing to prevent it. But the king's own advisor, a strange immortal called Teacher, comes to Temmin's aid. Why? And does the kingdom's fate really hinge on one young man's decision?

420 pages in paperback.

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