The Gratification Engine (ebook)

An erotic short story prequel to An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom

Highcock's Oscillating Apparatus has harnessed steam to cure everything from hearing loss to "female complaints." That's what two Scholar-Priests of the god Eddin hope. The old lechers also hope to watch black-haired beauty Allis and lusciously plump Anda try its vibratory motion on one another. But Allis and Anda choose young Scholar Jep Burman to assist in the experiment instead. He gets the eyeful his superiors intended for themselves, and a sexual education he'll never forget.

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Jep's head swam as if he'd been knocked over the head. He was to run the Apparatus without his superiors? Highcock and Peewell had gone on at length about how clever they'd been to think of obtaining Beloveds for test subjects. "It saves us the expense of hiring whores, and think of the erotic sights we might see!" Highcock had chortled. Jep would have Harla to pay when he got back to Eddin's Temple for having seen them alone. When his sight cleared, the plump girl was down to her corset and underthings; suddenly the future seemed much less important.

He hadn't noticed the Embodiment standing beside him until she chuckled, "Never worry, Burrman Postulant, you have only to run your machine there."

"The machine?" he croaked. "Yes, Holy One, the machine." He took up his station again by the machine. "Are you ready, miss?" he said to the girl.

"My name's Anda, dear, and I'm as ready as I suppose I might ever be."

"Oh, let me make introductions, I'm terribly sorry. May I make known to you our current Supplicant, Anda Barrows."

A Supplicant--not a servant or even a simple Beloved, but someone chosen to learn directly from the Embodiments and the Gods Themselves. Oh dear. Jep gulped and opened up the valve. The handgrip, still with the ball attached, rattled in its stand. "Whenever you're ready, miss, just pick it up and put it...wherever," he squeaked.

Anda considered. "I think Burrman Postulant should run the test, don't you, Allis? He's really rather cute behind those specs. Look at those nice strong arms. All that blushing, and the prettiest mouth." He had a pretty mouth?

"Most assuredly," smiled the Embodiment. "The two of us don't know what the machine does, or what it's capable of."

"Holy One, I don't think I should...I mean..."

But she had him by the arm and was propelling him toward the stand. "Show us how you Scholars envision its use."

"Yes, Holy One," he gulped. "Um, Anda, is it? Perhaps you might sit up on the treatment table. You might find it more pleasant. Sometimes the vibration makes it difficult to stand, depending on what you're...uh..." Anda scooted onto the table while he adjusted the handgrip's regulator until it barely shook in his hand. Leave it to Master Scholar Highcock to turn it up all the way. Should he keep the ball attachment on it? It seemed like the best to start with.

Jep looked up from his adjustments to find Anda sitting before him on the table, the two large, soft mounds above the top of her corset almost under his nose. Very large. Very soft. Amma preserve me. "How's this?" she said.

He quickly scooted around to the back of the table. "Let's start with your back." He pressed the quivering ball against the small of her back and moved it up one side of her spine; she let out a long, happy moan. "Does it hurt? Is it too strong?"

Her voice jiggled in time with the ball. "It's delightful! It could be stronger, even--yes, that's good! Oh, Allis, wait till you feel this, it shakes you all over!" she laughed.

Jep rolled it over her shoulders, trying to ignore the shimmying flesh beneath the ball until he found himself looking into her cleavage again, this time from above; he shut his eyes against her quivering breasts and stuffed down a moan of his own. He would never dismiss a fat girl ever again.

He shut off the handgrip and hung it on its stand as quickly as he could. "That's the basic idea," he said, backing away from the table. He wiped his sweaty hands on his trousers.

"I hardly see how that might alleviate 'female complaints,'" said the Holy One.

"Oh, I can," said Anda. "Bring that thing back here, Burrman Postulant."

"I think, miss...oh!" He'd backed up into Allis, who gently herded him toward Anda.

"Now, Burrman Postulant--what's your first name?"

"Jep, Holy One."

"Jep, you may call me Allis for the duration of our time in this room. All right?" She put her little white hand in his, and he nearly swooned. "I am correct in assuming you are quite inexperienced when it comes to women, yes?"

He burned as if he'd swallowed a coal from the boiler, and nodded. ...

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Gudy's picture

What formats...

... does this come in? Mobipocket, ePub, or just PDF?

It would also be nice if you could add that info to the description of the two SG e-books.

MeiLin's picture

good point, will do

It comes in four formats and you get all four with purchase: Kindle/mobi, Nook/epub, Sony/lrf and pdf for everyone else. Though I strongly suggest getting Calibre for your converting and reading pleasure.

JeVoudraisCake's picture

This was fun! Great to see a

This was fun! Great to see a bit more of Eddin's clergy, amoung other things Smiling

Laureril's picture


Definitely worth more than $.99! Although, I'm wondering a bit if it wasn't inspired by the recent unorthodox medical bill crisis?

MeiLin's picture


It was more that I thought I'd write this to fund the purchase. Smiling

Tigger's picture


I finally got around to reading this, when I realized it was Steampunk. While the Steampunk genre isn't my gig most of the time, I have a few friends who absolutely obsess over it. So...I posted this for at least one of them. Hard to do on FB, since this is for mature audiences and I have some non-mature friends (I mean chronologically, not behaviorally...I have MORE than a few of the latter) that don't need to accidentally click over and me end up with their mom on my butt.

MeiLin's picture


Boy, I wish more people would pimp me on FB, or Twitter, or to their friends on Goodreads--cripes, anywhere. Word of mouth is all I have--thank you so much!

Tigger's picture

you do good work!

I figure the least I can do is share with my friends that I think will like it. I can't remember if I have a link up on my blog or not, but I might remember to check that at some point (if I can remember past posting this...) and add you if I haven't. I don't have many readers but maybe someone will find their way over. I don't have twitter, and I don't use goodreads either, although I am finding that more of my author friends DO so I might sign up again.

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you put what in your mouth?

BM took a copy of Lovers on a girls weekend she went to. There were some that were quite intersted and I've been getting after her to direct them over this way....

MeiLin's picture

Thank you!

You da best. Smiling

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