Fairy Tales from the Greater Kingdom Vol. 1

These favorite Tremontine fairy tales were collected by the great folklorist Reinerik Grandalon during the reign of Kings Warin VII and Temmin V, and include four of the royal family's favorite stories:

In Ellika's favorite, the classic Corrish tale "Little Snowflake," an abused queen finds help in the forest.

"Winter's Girl," one of Mattie Dunley's favorite stories, pits a sassy girl who says she doesn't believe in the spirit world against the brothers Summer and Winter.

A favorite of Temmin's is the Kellish ghost story "The Fisherman's Teeth," in which a grieving fisherman's wife cannot bear to let his spirit rest. (This story appeared in the out-of-print collection, Harla's Night.)

And finally, one of Sedra's favorite stories, "The Clever Boy," about a youth who thinks he can outsmart the Gods. You may recognize the boy, but don't assume this is the truth: this is a fairy tale, after all!

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