The Blurb Doctor Full Service

You've written your opus. It's fabulous! Your editor says it's great, your beta readers rave, everyone loves it.

And you can't write a blurb for it to save your life.

Don't feel bad! Blurb-writing is one of the suckiest parts of being an independent. It's really hard to write blurbs for yourself. (Ask me how I know.)

That's why I'm here. I can help.

What I can do for you:

  • Make your blurb better.
  • Give you feedback to help make your next blurb better even without me.

What I can't do for you:

  • Edit your book. Contact my buddy Annetta "Netta the Eddita" Ribken. She'll do a bang-up job for you.
  • Read your book and come up with a blurb from scratch. You have to give me your best run at a blurb. There are blurb writers who will do that for you, but I guarantee they cost way more than I do.
  • Guarantee better book sales. If I could guarantee that, I'd be a rich woman right now.

I would like to feature the before-and-after blurbs for your book on the Blurb Doctor site if you'll let me, along with a link to your book on Amazon, of course!

More than you need? Try the Once-Over!

By hiring me, you agree that you do not expect any additional traffic or sales as a result of my work. In return, I agree that you own the words we work on together. You also understand that there is no refund once I have started the work.

Price: $50.00
Creative Commons License

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