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"Son in Sorrow" Final Cover

  • Posted on: 6 February 2012
  • By: MeiLin

Here it is, the finished cover for "Son in Sorrow" by Beatriz González.

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WHOA. Whoa, whoa, fucking badass! WHooooooo!

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I'm impressed with how well the new artist worked within the style of the old. Continuity was the big thing I was worried about when Fox couldn't do the cover, and it's really nice to see that that's not a problem at all! Any way we can get a nice side-by-side of the two covers?

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Most High

I'll be putting SiS's cover on the front next to LaB here in a bit. Right now I'm just spent. Mommy needs Zinfandel.

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If you go to the FB fan page, and I know you already "like" it, there's a side by side

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I'd like to second Capriox, since my first reaction was "Dude! Holy shit! WHOA!" in that order. Smile

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Yeah, I'm kinda almost scared to read the book now. I don't know if I can handle it! Biggrin

More intelligently: I think the juxtaposition of the suit/formal dinner outfit over the more primitive and soooo not "Victorian whitewash" elements is part what kicks it over from "pretty" to "staggering" for me.

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... this way:

If I had read the book (which of course I haven't Wink I would have had... something in my eyes a couple of times. And it would still have been awesome and spell-binding and riveting and all that, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for all that, because that's just how great MeiLin's writing is.

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Very much wow. Love!! :love-oni:

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It looks so good! I'm like blown away!

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very good. Love the ravens, especially.
I also love the continuity in all the elements. Good job on the proportions and stance, both looks much better than on the sketchy version. A bit more 3D than Alice's, but who cares. Looks great. *applauds*

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I'll admit that the sketches didn't do much for me, but the final cover is magnificent. There's a lot of quality touches that didn't hit me immediately, like the raven with its beak open, or the skulls, or the gemstones on one of the skulls. It's clear that whatever is going to happen, it's serious. And the artwork is 1) superb and 2) very much in line with your brand.

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