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Scryer's Gulch: Now in Ebook

Great News!

Scryer's Gulch Episodes 1-53 are now available in one big ebook!

The old mini-compilations are gone--unavailable. But now you can read everything currently on the site in one big download--about 70,000 words--for only $3.95! yay!

Regular updates will resume once I get my feet back under me from three four book launches in three months... *thud*

Please support my work. You can read it for free, but if you love it, make a purchase or a donation. Thanks for reading, from the bottom of my heart.


Amy's picture

I miss

I miss there being new chapters of the Gultch.

Anything that kills your inner-song is always going to be bad for you. - Personal Wisdom

MeiLin's picture

You're not the only one

My mom has now read it and loves it and has started bugging me for more. Smiling I really do intend to come back to it.

Cheez-It's picture

Hope you feel better!

Hi MeiLin! I hope you feel better and can start to write your stories again. They really help brighten my day!

Feel better soon!,

Your Humble Cheez-It

MeiLin's picture

Thank you!

I do have an episode of Scryer's Gulch written, but I'm waiting to release it until I have a few more in the can.

phil's picture

Periodic Check in

Just to let you know I haven't forgottten you. I hope you are feeling better now, and can resume yor writing soon.

Cheers - Phil

MeiLin's picture

Thank you, Phil!

I am feeling much better, my surgery this summe went very well. I am writing, just not this. Smiling

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