Reaching the Kushiel Audience

  • Posted on: 13 May 2011
  • By: MeiLin

I've been told over and over that my work appeals to readers of Jacqueline Carey. I've been told this so many times I'm beginning to believe it, even though I've never read any of her books.

So here's what I'm wondering: If you're a Jacqueline Carey fan, how did you first hear about her? Are there any places JC fans hang out? How do you think I might get word out to her fans about my books? As always, I appreciate you guys more than you'll ever know. You are my "army." Smile


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I've only ever read the first book in the Kushiel series, but I'm pretty sure an ex-girlfriend loaned me her copy and told me she thought I'd enjoy it.

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I am a reader of Carey's books, and I do think it's a good fit, but I'm afraid I can't help much on this end. I picked up the first book the same way I pick up all my first books. I walk up and down the shelves of my bookstore, reading titles in the fantasy/scifi section. If a titles, or cover stands out, I'll take a closer look.
That said, have you take a look at her home page, she has a list of links to her fanpages. Maybe some ad dollars that way? It's

I think this is a good idea, good luck!

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My sister-in-law thought I would like them, so she loaned me her copies during a book swap we were doing. I LOVED them - at least, the first 3. When the fourth book began, it was about Imri and Phèdre played a smaller part. For me, she was the one I was interested in. I did end up liking the second set of 3 - I was determined to learn the whole story, so I read them even though I wasn't quite as interested. I have NOT read the Naamah series that is in the same vein, nor have I read any of her other works. But yes, I can see how your works would appeal toher readers. The Lovers Temple in particular. Smile

As for how to reach them...there I am less than helpful. I think Carrie has a good idea about going to the fanpage links. Perhaps start an account on some of them?

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Most High

1) I haven't read the books.

2) I don't really want to read the books, especially since I keep getting compared to her.

Carrie, that was an *excellent* idea, but none of those sites accept ads. *grumble* I'll keep looking, though.

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that your writing styles are at ALL alike, but you would still have the same audience. I can see not wanting to read them, though, because they COULD influence you and we don't want that. Smile I'll keep thinking and see if I come up with anything else.

Oh! Hey! What about the places you DO have ads, maybe putting something like "If you like Jacqueline Carey, you might like The Intimate History of the Greater Kingdoms" sort of thing? Just in a few places, not all of them. See if that increases your readership. I know it would get MY attention.

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Actually, I'm pretty sure that Facebook could put your ad up on the Facebook pages of people who officially "like" Jacqueline Carey books. I've seen ads like that a few times, tailored to my listed interests. "Like Firefly? You'll love ___" etc.

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I've read them all. I was referred by a friend, so no real marketing help that you don't already know. But I will say that while I can see why both your and her stories would appeal to a similar crowd, they're different enough that you would enjoy reading them. Totally different worlds, and different voices.

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I agree, there is a aesthetic with the kushiel books. I heard about Carey through LibraryThing recommendations.

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Most High

I have a LibraryThing presence but haven't done much there. Goodreads hasn't done much for me, so I wasn't sure LT was worth the bother. I've started to add metadata via Shelfari now that Amazon supports it.

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Hi Meilin,

Can I just say its awesome that I can actually write something to you!

I had just finished reading Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" and re-read Stephen King's "Dark Tower series" (including the comics). Obviously I had enjoyed these series, but I was looking for something a little more spicier or saucier as you might say.

I conducted a search through Amazon. I had heard about the series "Gor", so I typed that into the search facility. Ironically I never did buy or read any of those books. I clicked the "Others also bought..." link and I liked the look and feel of "Kushiel's Dart".

I have only recently read Kushiel's Dart and have not bought any other books in the series. I went on Twitter one day and just added someone who was interested in Jacqueline Carey's work. I saw a link to your twitter and decided to investigate further.

Now I do have a confession to make. I actually haven't read any of your work as yet, but did end up going back to Amazon and purchasing it. I don't believe its fair in any case to compare two different writers. I will read it and not have any preconceived ideas.

As ideas for promoting your work, Twitter was an excellent idea. Do you have a Facebook page? I think that also having people recommend your work in Amazon will do wonders. Investing time and resources with Amazon might be a good plan.

I am really looking forward to reading Lovers and Beloveds. I have heard its wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to write something here!

Cheers Smile

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Most High

I do have a Facebook page, it's linked toward the bottom of every page here. Smile I encourage Amazon reviews (for good or ill) every time I sell a book directly to someone here; I can't really do that when someone buys elsewhere, as I don't know who they are and have no way to reach them. I also have an Author page on Amazon and at Goodreads.

I tweet like a maniac, mostly because it's fun. I don't really tweet that much about my work. I think that's obnoxious, myself, in other writers; I usually unfollow anyone who just tweets stuff about their books. (I do like it, though, when they tweet about *writing*, which is different. Perhaps misery loves company?)

Thank you for buying the book. I'm told my story and voice are different from Carey. Come back and let me know what you think, and of course, rate and tag it at Amazon! Smile

And happy birthday!

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I actually saw them in my local library and thought the covers looked really pretty. After a while I picked one up, loved the author and kept reading them. Unfortunately, I haven't met any other Carey fans in real life. As for your book the same thing sort of happened: I was on facebook and they had one of those "If you like Jacqueline Carey, you'll like this" ads, and the cover to Lovers and Beloveds looked really pretty so I checked into it.

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Most High

Someone who found me via that Facebook ad! I paid like $50 for you. Wink Thanks for checking the book out and reading it!

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