Help me figure this out!

  • Posted on: 30 March 2008
  • By: MeiLin

OK you guys, walk this through with me.


--that I write like a maniac, but cannot commit to a daily schedule;

--that I need to bring in some income from the site to justify writing like a maniac to my family*;

--that you guys want more story;

--that it drives me nuts to have a completed chapter just sitting here in the scheduler when you could be reading it;

--and that you guys like an update schedule nonetheless

What, then, should I do?
Here's what I'm thinking:

I'm thinking that the update schedule will stay Tu-Th-Sa, with Saturday an official update day. If a chapter is finished early, and it almost always is, I will ransom it for early release. If people want to read the chapter now instead of wait, they'll pony up. If not, they'll have to wait until the regular posting day.

If I finish the Tuesday chapter, say, Sunday, as happened today, and someone ransoms it, which also happened today, then Tuesday's chapter gets posted asap. When this Tuesday rolls around, there won't be an update--it's already been released.

But! Thursday's chapter is already written, and could be ransomed for release earlier than Thursday. See where I'm going with this? The regular release days would always stay Tu-Th-Sa. But there would be the option, if a chapter is finished early, to get it released early if a donation target is met. If it isn't met, the chapter still gets posted, but not till its release day. Essentially, you're paying for instant gratification, or faster gratification.

Would this piss people off? Should I just restrain my own enthusiasm (I am my own refresh monkey, I live for your comments) and just keep the donation system and schedule the way it is?

*I know I joke about perfume and lattes, and I will readily confess that some of the challenge money went right to BPAL/TAL. But I make my living online. The time I spend here is time taken away from other projects that actually make money. There's also little things like housework that are my responsibility. If I made more money here, I could hire help for the housework, and I'd be able to write more. Right now, the site brings in enough to defray/justify its hosting and pay for advertising; if I hadn't done the Challenge last week, I wouldn't have had enough for a BPAL order and that's sure.

ETA: Somehow commenting got turned off on this. Total accident; I WANT comment on this, though I've already pretty much decided that the model as described above won't work.


Joseane's picture

I'm thinking it MIGHT work, but readers who aren't regulars or don't read your blog might be disapointed and not understand the lack of update on days you put the chapter up early. Is this making sense? I'm stone out of my mind because of my cold.
Anyway. Maybe you could ransom an early release on chapters only when you have 2 chapters in advance, so you can release one on the normal update day also? That might be impossible to do though.... need to sleep and stuff...
We love your writting, so, wathever you decide, I'm betting everyone will run with it Wink

Batty's picture

in your update schedule. While you're building up a base readership, new people will hopefully pass by frequently. If you don't update then on the set update day because the page was ransomed a couple days before, they will get confused at first and you might loose the hook you had on them.

We are currently living in an instant gratification culture. We want it all and we want it now. But some patience and anticipation can sharpen (?) the enjoyment. I mutter and curse every time I don't see an update when I refresh, but I'm a lot more disappointed when I don't have an update on the promised day.

As an alternative you might want to implement some kind of subscription plan, as in $3/week will get you all the week's updates when they are written. That would require some administrative overhead however.

Anyway, whatever you decide I'll still be reading this every chance I get.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

now that's an interesting idear. Hm. Time for a shower and a ponder.

firesprite's picture

Okay, so, while I understand the subcription idea, I'm against it, at least in the form it was suggested. $3 a week adds up to $12 a month. Now, to put that into perspective, that's a Netflix registration where you can have 2 dvd's out at a time and watch unlimited movies on your computer while you're waiting for your next dvd in the mail. So, it seems to me, that paying $12 a month to read something on line is a little much(also, to keep the perspective, a brand new hard cover book is what $8???) But, that's just my two cents. Smile

MeiLin's picture

Most High

I'm not going with that. Smile If you read the blog post further up, "Extra Chapter Problem Solved," you'll see what I've settled on.

firesprite's picture

Yeah, I see that now. Smile I saw that after I posted actually. lol. Wonderful update today, by the way. I really do love your style!

MeiLin's picture

Most High

I appreciate that!

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