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  • Posted on: 21 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Good morning, pretty children! as Malla would say.

I had a good writing day yesterday. Most of chapter six's story-in-story is done, and I've got a good outlining device for the framing story, which seems to twist and turn so much that I don't like to plot it too much; if I do, then it doesn't allow for characters to surprise me as much, like Ansella did. (She just came bustin' through that door, and I was as flummoxed as Temmin, I tell ya. That scene was going entirely somewhere else and she just hijacked it.)

If you're curious, it goes like this: I have a text doc with the names of all the characters actively in play for the next segment. Underneath each, I have where the character starts out, and where I want him or her to generally get to by the end of the book. Example:

When we begin:
--is carrying on multiple affairs
--is still trying to bond with Temmin
--is concluding diplomatic negotiations with Sairland
When we end he will...

Oh, like I'm going to tell you his arc. But you get the drift. It really helped, this mapping-out thing! The way this story is just sprawling like Houston I think I might have to start a wiki sooner than later. You guys up for populating a wiki?

Anyway, I'm discovering that book one went together so easily, relatively speaking, because I had the story-in-story in draft. So I'm going to try for getting a big chunk of Macca's story actually written out ahead of time and see where that process takes me.

I really wish I could get Mac OS 10.5 to run on this thing--it tells me when I try to install it that it wants to erase the entire hard drive and start over, for some reason, no matter what settings I choose for installation. sigh. There's a piece of novel management software I'm told by friends is stupendous that helps you manage a sprawling mess like this one, and it only runs on 10.4 or greater. I'm on 10.3.x. I've also worn the decals off my keyboard. What's that? Mei needs a new computer? Yes! you're right! Some day, maybe I'll get one, even!


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Hahaha I'm totally not into Wikis but I'll totally contribute! Biggrin And Mei should maybe get a new computer. Or a nice external to move all your shiz before upgrading :3

PS: DAMMIT on the Ansella thing! I'd just chosen my question and ya had to go and USE her so now I gotta WAIT more! xP

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