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There are a lot of different RSS feeds for this site. Here are some likely to be of interest.

The main one gives you everything--the forum, my blog, all story updates, and so on:

This one gives you everything in "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom," including all bonus stories and artwork:

This one gives you ONLY story updates in "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom":

This one gives you ONLY story updates in "Scryer's Gulch":

This one gives you both the Gulch and the Kingdom, story updates and artwork together:,390/0/feed

This one gives you ONLY my blog:

This one gives you ONLY the official artwork:

Many pages have their own RSS feeds attached to them as well; look for the RSS icon at the bottom. If there's a feed you'd be interested in getting that isn't here, let me know! Sadly because of the way Drupal works, I can't offer a comments feed right now; it overrides the main feed and I can't have that.



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I just looked up a few minutes ago, and noticed that it's been a long time since I read one of your updates, so I hoofed it over to my rss reader, and the last thing this RSS feed updated was Ellika's picture. It didn't include the last chapter update. Is that fixable? I don't know anything about RSS feeds, other than the part where they put what I want to read at my fingertips a lot faster..

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Most High

You may have an odd feed address. Or not, there may be something hinky.

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...I've got the same issue. I did not get the Chapter 43 post from Saturday (2008-11-08), and when I go directly to the stories-only feed URL (, it doesn't appear there.

It does appear in the "everything" feed, though.

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Most High

Specifically mine. :O

I filed it under "Queen Who Ruled" but not "Intimate Kingdom." Usually I file under both; the feed you were looking at is for everything in "Intimate Kingdom." Thanks for pointing that out, and sorry!

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Can we have one that's everything but recipes, and another one for recipes only? I like to see everything, but so many recipes get posted that sometimes other things get pushed down the RSS feed before I get to read them!

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Would it be possible to make a feed for any new points questions? I imagine people are going to ask more when the new system starts and a way of knowing about new questions without going to the actual page sounds useful to me.

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I hate to sound like an ungrateful ass (even though I may be one), but could you please give us a bit of warning before you change the URL for the RSS feeds?

I have no idea how much I've missed, simply because you changed the RSS feed for IHGK from this:

to this:

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Most High

I wish I could have. There was no real way of notifying people. I'll see if I can finagle it.

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Most High

I sent through a message on the RSS feed just today; the last one I sent was July 10th of this year, informing people of the switch. I just subscribed to the feed, and neither went through. I am investigating.

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Pretty please.

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Most High

Drifting Isle feed, which will include The Machine God and anything else filed under that category:

This feed will give you my blog posts along with History, Gulch and Drifting Isle updates:

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Thank you!
Looking forward to reading your latest Smile

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