My Second Post

...and first with a registered account.

Hello, found this place when wandering the internet one day, long ago...

Well, last year...

The last week of December is still last year, isn't it? *ahem* Anyway, it took about six weeks for me to get up the nerve to post. Then I got shamed into registering by the (unregistered) tag next to my name on the post.

I expect I'll add more details in the comments, but for now... I'll enjoy my fleeting mysteriousness while it lasts. Wink

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Hope you have fun about the place! ^_^

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Most High

Thanks for registering, and thanks for reading!

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Welcome, and nice Avatar pick. You should go check out the avatar thread and post the story behind it Wink

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I'm pretty sure that by the time you posted this I already had. Blum 3

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So if we're of a mind we can read more...or at least put it into context!

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While the words are mine, they draw heavily from concepts presented by Jane Roberts in _The Nature of Personal Reality_ (don't know how to do italics or underlines here so that's the best I can do.)

Mind you, Roberts believes that the book was dictated by a being from the afterlife, which would put many people off... but whether one believes her or not, the words she spoke and her husband transcribed make for quite interesting reading.

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The above post was meant to be in reply to Sherinik's above, but I evidently did it wrong.

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