Quick question for you Ohioans out there

Do any of you folks know of a (affordable) dance studio in teh Kent/Ravenna/Akron/Canton area? A friend of mine and I are thinking of taking up dancing again and think it would be interesting/fun/a good idea to take up classes (again for him, first time for lessons for myself). We're looking for ballroom/Latin/swing (at least all three of them for me, not sure which he's looking for ^-^)
Thanks guys

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Google showed me this one? http://accessdance.com/dance_lessons/978/ I am from NOWHERE near you guys though. That link is all Google's fault. Just so we're clear xD I'll ask my social dance teacher tomorrow, though. I'm in my second class with him and I love it to death. If you ever feel like being a dork and talking about how awesome social dance is, I hereby volunteer Biggrin

(Also: Polka is the single most awesome dance ever created. Pivots are correspondingly evil. You've been warned xD)

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Yay, dancing! I started it my freshman year and now I'm all 1, 2, cha-cha-cha all the time. *looks at post* Wow, I got a little excited there... sorry, not from the Ohio area so I'm not gonna be much help. Most studios that do "ballroom" or "social dance" will teach smooth(waltz, foxtrot, tango), latin (salsa, cha-cha, rumba, samba) and swing (multiple styles) and a few "miscellaneous" dances like hustle. My advice is to talk to the teachers and see if they're more social, performance, or competition oriented because that will change how they teach dance. Competition style gets a little scary sometimes... there's no room for error with how you hold your body, while social is obviously much more relaxed. Performance is a decent mix of the two, it's more relaxed than competition but everything you perform will be choreographed after you learn the steps so not a lot of room for improv movement. I'm not biased toward social at all... nope nope. Anyway, whatever you go with, you'll have a lot of fun! (And don't worry about being a klutz because I trip over cracks in the sidewalk in sneakers and still love dancing)

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Hehe. I'm biased too! Social is so much better. Though it leaves you open to sketchy old Asian men asking you for dances. (Not personal experience at all -coughcough-)

I actually prefer salsa to chacha, but I have a weird thing for faster dances. Plus we're learning pretzels, which are awesome. Mwahaha.

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1- Polka- I can *kind of* do it. By kind of I mean taking the waltz up to a polka speed and making it up as I go along Biggrin
2- I would be looking for something geared to a more social thing. My Dad's girlfriend taught me the basics of jitterbug and waltz when I was in middle school( that was. . . 8 years ago I think). I've also since then picked up a bit of the cha-cha and took a belly dancing class offered through my school's rec center. They also had an Argentinean Tango class for a semester but I missed it Sad
3- I am open to learning at the very least the basics of as many dances as I am able to and go from there
. . .and now I can't find my train of thought >.

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