Pointillist, at l(e)ast

It's been ages since I should have introduced myself. That's the trouble with feeling safe and anonymous, and sharing very private bits and pieces of my life with all of you: adding real-life details would make me feel exposed, especially as I have quite a quite unusual (read: identifiable) combination of job, hobbies and quirks.

So allow me to remain hidden behind my mask while complying with the introduction tradition: you'll know much more about me after all this tangential information than my current flatmates do.

- I met Allis's cousin two years ago. She was smaller (slightly smaller than I am, and I'm smaller than Allis) but otherwise its striking image. Some friends of hers were playing music in the shade at the edge of the plaza, and she was barefoot, dancing with her eyes closed in front of them... Instant crush. I saw her twice before daring to ask for her number, but she never returned my calls, and I haven't seen her since. That's why I didn't pick Allis in the latest poll.
- I moved to London in December, and my main Significant Other lives in France and won't relocate any time soon. Sometimes I think I chose my career over love, but I didn't really move for the job: I moved because I felt I had to. Now I just have to find out why. In the meanwhile, long distance is working okay.
- A few years ago, a very good friend and I did a business plan for an online sexshop. As a result, I'm awfully knowledgable about sex toys, and it has never failed to worry/puzzle my boyfriends ever since. My girlfriends didn't mind.
- All my long-term relationships have been with boys, but my biggest heartaches were from girls. The causality link goes the other way.
- Among many other things I'm a language geek and a computer geek, and I've been paid for both sets of skills for about 6 years now, two-thirds of my professional life.
- I've known I was poly since I read about the Amoiete Spectrum Helix people. That, and the thing about deciding everyday to fall in love again, are the only two things I took from Dan Simmons.
- I love wearing red. I wish I always was in the mood to wear red. Weeks wearing grays and browns are a bad sign.
- I've discovered the History around chapter...mmh... ten ? Got there from Pages Unbound, and none of the others have stuck like this one. Thanks, MeiLin.
- One of my regrets is to have so many open-minded friends that don't read much in English. They wouldn't even get to the third chapter.
- I would be ready to make huge sacrifices to be able to snog Madame de Pompadour too.
- I'm looking for a houseshare again, after only 6 weeks: my flatmates (a couple) have found a private nest and I can't take over the lease. That means more long walks in the rain after work, more 'large rooms' where you can barely extend your arms without brushing the walls, more dozens of ads with the same list of kitchen appliances, more two-minute introductions to half-listening people. And less time for steamy skype-sex with my beloved, when our time together is so restricted already. Umph.

That's enough information for an introduction, isn't it ? Smile

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Welcome to accounthood! Hope everything with the flat-search works out for you.

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Items one, three, four, five, seven and eight make me think I have a lot in common with you. I just wanted to ask...are you female? The cheezit looks vaguely female, but it's always hard to tell with them.

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motion wholeheartedly. BEST EVER!!!

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I'm going to have to third that!

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Awesome intro, always love to see you around the forum!

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