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I'm always a bit hesitant to join fora etc, because I post for a few days and then stop, and if I come again, I have to rely on password resets or firefox's saved passwords. But because I posted sometimes without an account and wanted to post several times over the last few months I decided to join (And I decided on a new username, to be a bit consistent). I actually don't remember when I started reading, I think I started before book two.
Other stuff I'm willing to tell: I'm female, 23 and Dutch. That's about it I think.

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Most High

Welcome to accounthood! Smile There have been a flood of new accounts lately. I'm not sure if it's just a "thing," or if the new points system brought it on.

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...from someone who's been here only a day longer than you! Smile

Oh, and I think people are just all getting over their shyness about now, MeiLin. XD We've realized you forumites aren't so scary after all.

...Or it could be the points system. Wink That's possible too.

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I love the avatar. How pretty!

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Welcome. It's nice to know I'm not the only freaky deaky Dutch trolling around here.

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For me it wasn't the points system. I just decided on a name and made a lj account to be able to post comments at ToMU and maybe contribute to ssbb.
I think I made more than 100 flower pictures during the Christmas holidays, I'm really glad how this avatar turned out.

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Hey, another Dutchie Smile Welcome to accounthood.

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Hope you stick around

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I have the exact same problem with forums, I get really into it, and then you never see me again...hopefully you and I will both be able to stick it out.

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Welcome! Hope you stay, this place is fun (out of my dozen plus comics/serials I enjoy, I spend more time in this forum than I do on any one other site and quite possibly total time spent on the other sites). The only down side? I should be working on my drawing homework right now >.

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It's almost getting crowded around here. But that's a good thing Smile

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