You know those lists that are everywhere right now? The "25 random things about me"?
I've pared it down to five Wink

I found The History sometime between the end of book two and the start of book three.

I am approximately 24.69 years of age.

I have one child.

My child has one parent.

I live in the midwest.

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Approximately 24.69 years, hmm? I'd hate to see what happened if you were exact! Welcome to the madness, enjoy the fun! Midwest where, by the way? I'm guessing you mean the USA, but since I don't live there, I tend not to assume. *laughs* Last time I did, I got told off, actually.

By the way, your child has a cool parent, if said parent reads this online novel.

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And I had to pull up Calculator for that 24.69 Biggrin
Not mentioned in the random things is that I'm a huge nerd with no where to direct my nerdiness. Waiting tables isn't all that mentally taxing.

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Next week you'll be 24.71 or so, yes? }:)

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Most High

I hope you caught up with the whole story! Smile

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It took me one weekend of staying up way too late.

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I expect that it'll be fun to have a pescatarian around, especially if they aren't the self-righteous ranty type.

(P.S. that's 6 things ;))

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I have seen so many '25 things about me' in the past week, I am rather tired of them - however, I love your shortened version. It's concise, but detailed enough to be engaging. Welcome. Smile

On a slightly different note, I noticed your username and cannot help but wonder whether or not you have read The Phantom Tollbooth? It's a children's book that uses a wide variety of clever wordplay. In the book the 'not-so-wicked which' lives down in the dungeon of one of the towns, but people are terrified of her because they mistakenly think she is a witch, not a which. I would not think you to be a witch by any means, but I am quite curious how/why you picked your username. May I be nosy?

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Yes, that is how I picked the name, thank you for noticing! Smile

I named my dog Milo, teehee.

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I was looking around for Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who. Taslin had the same idea as me!

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Postulant first that was Mrs. Which from A Wrinkle in Time. Wink I haven't read PT in so long, I really need to fix that.

Welcome to the forums, Not-So-Wicked Which!

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A Wrinkle in Time - it's been so long and I dearly love that book. Thanks for reminding me Smile

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Short and sweet! Welcome!

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Welcome, fellow forum newbie.

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