I'm from London and I've been reading this for some time now and since I have finished my exams I thought it would be nice to join. I read QC as well and found this pages unbound.
see you all around

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How's the snow?

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Heh.... this and QC are my favorite internets reading lately. I spend an awful lot of time in Northampton, MA, where QC is set, and every time I go to Haymarket Café (locally referred to as "Gaymarket," oh yes) or wander around downtown/near Smith College, I just giggle, because the parody is excellent. Admittedly, Gaymarket has the best smoothies... like The Spanking. No, I'm not kidding. And now I want one...a smoothie, that is.

I wonder if MeiLin ever takes ideas from local settings, just out of curiosity. It seems a natural thing to do.

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the snow has disappeared now, but it was amazing haven't seen snow in ages and London was left at a standstill for two days, worse elsewhere.

That's really cool living in MA, who's your fav character in both?
i like Faye she's a bit like me and i like Brinnid too.

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Heh, I'd have to say Hanners and Sedra. Though, that'd make a really interesting crossover fic. Uh. I'll be....over here....

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Most High

I'm thinking maybe Connin because he could, like, touch her telekinetically or something...

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The flirtation smackdown begins

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Oh thanks, y'all got me started trying to figure out other QC/IH crossover pairings and now I've got this image of Pintsize sleazily hitting on Allis and sharing porn pics with Senik.

Someone pass the brain-bleach, please.

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If you happen to find some brain bleach that doesn't involve booze you can light on fire, send me some. With my friends and some of their comments, I could always stand to have a flask of it tucked in my pocket, not to mention some of TheBoy's posts Blum 3

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Most High

I don't know who'd win that one! Sedra and Faye could have a snark-off. Marten and Temmin could totally compare nice guy notes. Connin and Sven could trade seduction techniques. splorfle!

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Most High

Thanks for introducing yourself! I was in London 30 years ago and loved it. I also love QC, even though I'm old enough to be Marty's mom. Er. Well. Yes. But without the career in kinky photos.

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Short and sweet intro! I look forward to seeing you 'round the forum.

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Hello, nice to meet you.

I also read QC and am from London. (is 'am' the correct conjugation?) I hear we're in for more snow on Tuesday.

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But I'm one of those "native" English speakers who usually speak worse than ones who actually learn it >.>
"I also read QC" and "I am from London" are both correct, so what you wrote looks and sounds correct to me.

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It is in American English, I'm pretty sure. Can't vouch for other flavors.

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If Taka's from Britain and said it originally and three American English speakers just OK'd it, it should be good for the majority of English spoken natively. Anyone a native speaker of, say, Indian or Australian English?

I might argue that it should be "and I am from..." For example, there's a difference between "I run outside and play" and "I run and play outside" Which could stem from [run outside] as a verb+particle construction versus [[run] and [play]] outside - or even [[run] and [[play] outside]], depending on the context and intonation. This suggests that otherwise permissible additions to the sentence (ie, descriptors like prepositional phrases and adjectives) can change the meaning based on placement with a conjoined verb.

Bah, ignore my syntactic wool-gathering. Since I know I've used that form, then I don't have a problem with other people using it.

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There're still packets of it melting around in parks and dark streets. And they still seem an incongruity Smile

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