Waiting for hubby, contemplating Cafepress

  • Posted on: 10 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I'm stuck here at the hospital waiting for the husband to come out of surgery recovery. He's fine; he had his tonsils out. I am contemplating a Cafepress store whilst procrastinating on Chapter 25 (it'll go quickly once I get my teeth into it). What on earth could one put on a t-shirt for this story? With all the enthusiasm, I was thinking of a "Property of the Lovers' Temple" shirt, but beyond that I am stymied. Idears?


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"Property of the Lovers' Temple" is a cute idea, particularly on the G-strings and babydoll's offered at CP. Add this to the obligatory mouse pads, coffee mugs, and baby bibs, and you'll be in good shape to get going.

Don't overlook the obvious, either. You have a distinctive logo - use it! Put the logo over the pocket, and perhaps on the back have an open book with "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom" printed across the pages in some snazzy script, with your web address beneath it.

A different design could have a polished tea tray on the back with "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom" 'engraved' on the tray. If one looks closely, Teacher's face can be seen looking out! You can follow this theme for a variety of different mirrored objects.

Items with the Tremont crest, t-shirts reading, "Property of Whithorse Riding Stables", "Tremont University", etc., etc., are all appropriate.

If you wanted to get a little naughty, you could develop a suggestively-shaped pile of tomato slices (a la Georgia O'keefe) accompanied by something snappy ("not just for breakfast"? Dunno.. I don't do snappy very well.) The banner ad you used on Alexandra Erin's page could work here as well. It's a bit saucy, but far from obscene.

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Most High

Actually, the logo is just a temporary one. A graphic artist friend is working on the real one in a trade, and it's a beaut, I can't wait until I can show you guys. I'll be redesigning the entire site to favor it. I'll have to pay him to do one for the story itself as opposed to me, but it'll be worth it. He's genius.

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Most High

I've designed an acceptable "Property of Lovers' Temple" and some time tomorrow I'll take it live at Cafepress. I hafta sleep now.

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Be sure to post a link!

Oh - add one more to the registered user list Wink

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