Finally being polite, sorry for the delay!

Hello all! Smile I see from other posts that people have been identifying themselves as ''lurkers''! Biggrin Pretty much describes me to a T! I've just recently worked up the courage to start posting, and so far, I'm happy to say, I'm keeping typos to the minimum (my typing is terrible, especially when I'm in a hurry or excited!) So, I thought I'd go whole hog and formally, properly intro myself! Biggrin

Basically I'm a PhD student, fresh on the job, doing work in Neuroscience, and I love it! Biggrin But lately, I've been a wee bit distracted, what with having so much of the story to catch up on! Wink My boss hasn't noticed yet, but I have a work presentation on Monday, which is going to be dicey! Any suggestions on how to make reading a webcomic acceptable in a scientific meeting?! Smile

I love the story, and I am absolutely, completely, totally hooked! Smile And I love the posts following each chapter! Smile Life looks a lot nicer now that I have something good to read!

Cheers! Smile

P.S. Too many smileys?! I'm addicted to them, too!

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Looks like I may be the first one to say "welcome."

Always glad to see the numbers swelling.

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Most High

Thanks for liking the story. Smile

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welcome! neuroscience sounds fun, but probably not very related to the story....

btw. those are some kick-ass trees in your avatar. it would be awesome to climb them and just sit.

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Welcome, Samaris!
I have a friend who's just six months into her some-esoteric-advanced-biology postdoc, so you have my indirect sympathies and best wishes on the job Wink (Tell them you're doing background research for a future article on the neurology of female sexuality :bigevilgrin:)

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Even though we joined about the same time Wink My cousin is in the same field and does all kinds of fun research into the effect of drugs on the brain and genes - of fruit flies. Smile The short life span speeds up the research somewhat. Not something I understand completely, but intriguing and important nonetheless. Congrats on the doctorate!

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Welcome. Don't know about reading them in a meeting, but my desk in the back corner with the computer screen facing the corner, I am able to hide quite well. My BIL is a neuro researcher at Mayo.

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Always nice to have another person around who knows the pain of grad school Smile

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I would share that pain if I could get in.

It's hard to find a school that has the program you want when you can only do it online.

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That can be hard... But if you tell me what you're looking for, maybe I can ask around and find out if anyone knows of a program like that...

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Wow! Im quite overwhelmed by the welcome I've got! I thought I'd reply directly to everyone's comments, but that would be a leetle too hard, so one general reply to everyone! Smile

@ TheBoy and MeiLin: Thanks a lot! I'm very glad to be here!

@ annekat: Those trees were my favourite at my old Institute. Unfortunately, being in the main drive, we really couldn't climb them. I wanted to, a LOT! But there were nice ones in the back that no one ever saw, so we climbed those instead! Wink

@ Capriox: Thanks for the sympathy, there are times when I really need it! Unfortunately, as awesome as your suggestion was, my lab expects some results or summat on Alzheimers, so I really couldn't get away with that! Sad

@ Magalicious: We did, didn't we?! Biggrin I could explain the whole rfuit fly thing, but that would probably get me struck off my newly inaugurated account! Plus, I don't want to scare other people off! Wink But fruit fly research is really cool! Smile

@ Northwoodsman: I wouldn't ever read a comic in a meeting! We don't have computers there anyway! Wink No, I've been reading when I should have been in the lab, and now the problem is I have to present data! Such is life in Science!

@ Davik: I'm new, so the pain is kinda overwhelming! Tell me one gets used to it eventually!

Phew... Very long post... But I'm so happy! Smile

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