Super Quick Cucumber Salad


Prep time5 minutes
Cooking time
Total time5 minutes


A super Quick, super Easy salad for the whole family...especially the lettuce haters...even kids tend to like this!


large organic english cucumber
med-large vine-rippened tomato
red onion, finely sliced
first cold press olive oil
1 pn
basil, finely chopped
1 pn
dry oregano, finely ground
litehouse's balsamic dressing


This recipe makes 2 appetizer sized salads:

-1 large thinly sliced, unpeeled organic english cucumber(unpeeled to keep that crunch)
-1 large vine ripened tomato, sliced into slim wedges(but not too to where you get 8-10 slices out of a tomato depending on its size)
-a few thin, long half circles of red onion
-litehouse's balsamic dressing
-a swirl or two of olive oil
- a bit of fresh chopped basil(freeze dried works just as well)
- a pinch of dry oregano( make sure to get it to a real fine consistency my rolling between your pinched fingers while sprinkling)
- toss extensively till all the cucumbers are coated with the dressing on both sides.
Serve immediately.


Make sure to buy extra veges as backup, because you just might be tempted to make another batch after tasting it.
Kids will like this compared to most salads since it is tangy, and refreshing...and doesn't look like that boring stuff adults are always trying to feed them...what's it called? lettuce...ROFL


Gudy's picture


... though minus most of the balsamico - I don't care for more than a few drops of it in general.

My wife also likes to adulterate hers with pine nuts.

Bedazzled101's picture


Have you ever tried the lighthouse's Balsamic dressing? I think you will like it as it is tangy but not just balsamic, its a well rounded dressing... That's why I use more that you would plain balsamic vinegar.

Gudy's picture


... so getting hold of this without spending a small fortune on either transcontinental shipping rates, or prohibitively large amounts of time finding and visiting a specialized local merchant that carries it is bound to be next to impossible.

In short, no. Smile

Bedazzled101's picture


its one of my favorite... Sad

blwinteler's picture


Made it as a side to a soup I found a recipe for in Ladies Home Journal (I needed something to read on what I knew would be a dull day at work, and Drew Barrymore was on the cover). Both were devoured (foods, not the magazine nor Drew Barrymore). Thank you!

V's picture


that the local store was out of Drew Barrymore--not that she wouldn't have been devoured. Yummy! Wink

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