ladeez and gennelmens, we has filk.

  • Posted on: 8 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Here I was complaining about no comments and we has filk. *fwump*

IHGK regular SongCoyote sends us the following lyric, and for some reason I'm blushing uncontrollably:

The Lovers' Temple
(C) 2008 Gareth Storm
(Based on Mei Lin Miranda's Tale of Two Kingdoms)

You look at Her body and look at Her face
You smile at His touch and fall to His embrace
For a night and a day you'll forget there are others
When you give yourself up to the heat of The Lovers

So dance, dance, dance in the firelight
Watch how their bodies entwine as they lay
With each other, with you, as together you're learning
Delight in sweet sharing and pleasure in play

There are two who would teach you to touch and to tease
With a smile or a fingertip placed where you please
They will show you such torturous tickling tricks
That you'll pray that each hour would last five or six

Even with all they know they seek wisdom from you
For each moment of sharing is a pleasure brand new
And they teach more than kindling lust's burning fire
For there's power in learning to control your desire


Remember His hands, how they woke up your skin
And Her warm invitation that pulled you right in
These are more than love-making, for they take and they give
They accept your mistakes and your errors forgive

So you danced and you laughed and you slept through the day
And your memory of Them will outlast the sun's rays
Through Their playful exchanges you have learned how to see
With compassion and wisdom and real empathy

So the sweet dance you danced in the firelight
Became a more beautiful thing than you feared
It enfolded, embraced and ennobled you further
Than you thought could occur without blood, sweat and tears

So dance, dance, dance in the firelight
Feel how their bodies entwine as they lay
With each other, with you, as together you're learning
Delight in sweet sharing and pleasure in play
And know that you'll always remember this day

Thanks, SongCoyote!

Now, a brief legal note:

Filk and fan art = OK, in fact, I'll put up a way to let members post that stuff here soon

Fanfic = not OK, at least not until I'm done writing this thing. When there is no more from me, fanfic is OK, but until such time, please don't. I'm not the BBC, or Fox. This is all I have.


SongCoyote's picture

Aiee! You posted it! Biggrin Thankee kindly.

Blushing sounds good. Is *fwump* good?

Baits hook and hopes for compliments...

Eek. Scared now, and also happy.

Light and laughter,

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Most High

*fwump* = astonishment!

I'm just amazed that you did it, which also explains the blush. And yes, it's good. Smile

TheGrayCrayon's picture


that is realy good. Bravo! *tips his hat to SongCoyote*

SongCoyote's picture

Thank you kindly!

Should I initiate awkward innuendo now?

Light and laughter,

TheGrayCrayon's picture


and will always encourage innuendo. among other things *nudge nudge wink wink say no more*

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Indeed, what dance then shall we dance? How shall our fingers twine, our eyes alight with promise and possibility? Even as our legs brush, our toes curling for balance and from the tingles of our touch, and we breathe at first softly, then faster and hotter as our bodies move, pushing and pulling through delicate and delicious motion.

And then the song ends, and the music stops, and we are applauded by those who have watched our interplay... but we can only gaze at ech other, lost, tired, and happy.

Light and laughter,

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