OK, now I'm embarrassed

  • Posted on: 8 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Well, sometimes when you go fishing for compliments you get a bite. Smile

I do see how many people read this (I use a couple different stats trackers), and I suppose I should just be content with that. But when people don't comment, it feels as if I'm not reaching them. Possibly this is because I'm an inveterate commenter myself, but even I don't comment on everything I love. I'm sure D., my therapist, would find deep psychological needs for affirmation or something in all this. SmileSmile

Anyway. Thanks, everyone, for commenting. Thanks to those of you who can donate; that helps me convince the husband that all this time is not wasted time. And thanks to those who can't donate but help with the marketing targets, because the more eyeballs we have, the less we have to depend on donations. We need to reach a critical mass here of people who will attract advertisers by their very presence, and to increase the number of folks who are willing and able to kick a little in the pot.

The next big financial push will be to buy us 10 ISBNs and set up an account at Lightning Source so that when "Two Kingdoms" is done (at which point I'll be moving on here to "The Queen Who Ruled by Herself") I can publish it for folks who prefer to read in paperback rather than on the web. That won't be for a bit yet. "Two Kingdoms" ends when Teacher finishes telling Emmae and Warin's story, and we have a bit to go there, especially if Temmin and the Obbys keep interrupting. Wink That won't generate a huge amount of income, but it'll give people more options for reading, and that's all to the good. I really want to have "Two Kingdoms" ready and printed by November of this year for Orycon, the big SF/fantasy convention in Oregon that I plan to attend. In fact, I'm agitating for a panel on web serials and self-publishing.


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Whaaa? Two Kingdoms ends at the completion of the tale? But... but... but what about the perils of the kingdom, and Temmin eventually becoming the King and the mysteries of the Teacher, which Temmin gets to grill him on at some point (I forget when)? And there's so much more!

When it comes to comments, I don't like commenting unless I think I actually have something to add. I hate with a fiery passion the people who simply put FIRST!!!! as the 1st post, with nothing else. Mu has gotten so bad with those damn Oook posters that typically there isn't even anything else on the 1st page of comments. It really burns me up. In fact, it burns me up even more that I let it get to me so much! Yarrrgggh! Anyways, fear not, your story is being read and enjoyed and the fact that comments are not vast and flowing should be seen as a good thing. From the comments I scan at Mu, it seems like there's an equal amount of bitching and complaining and armchair English professors compared to good comments...

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Most High

"Two Kingdoms" ends, but "Intimate History" does not. Temmin's story is "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom," the same name as Teacher's magic red-bound history book. IHGK is divided up into books based on whatever story Teacher is telling at the time. The first one is "Tale of Two Kingdoms." The next one (I think) is "The Queen Who Ruled by Herself." The one after that (I think) is "The Peasant Boy's Tale." And so on. But Temmin's story continues throughout, never worry. The very last story, in which Temmin becomes king and thus privy to the Teacher's secrets, is called "The Wise Woman's Apprentice," and it may take us a long time to get there. But Temmin is in all of them, never fear.

I cannot bear ookings and firsts, and so far we don't have them. I will be sorely tempted to delete them should they ever appear.

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Yay! I was afraid The Queen... was something entirely different. Or the same story, but with a different main character. You know, 'like now we're in the same kingdom but Mattie is the star of the show'.

I'm amazed at how far out you have this planned. Is this something you've done on paper or was a side project long ago or something? I know a lot of the characters develop themselves as you go along, so I'm amazed that you have so much outlined. I know you've said you have an arc laid out, but damn! I like how you have set books laid out. Once the tale has moved along, I can easily see myself buying the complete set, so it can sit nicely right next to my Sword of Truth series. I dunno if I can award 'Best Series Ever!' yet, but believe me, being second to Sword of Truth is saying something, as currently I have no print edition 2nd favorite.

And someone else who despises the firsts and ooks! If only we could gather together, and form an internet crusade to remove the scourge that is stupid, useless posts! Seriously, I am generally very easy going and few things burn me more than First posts, and that fact alone irks me even more. A vicous circle I tell ya, especially for someone who is very active on many forums.

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Most High

I started writing fiction 10/25/07, with the publication at Teaspoon of my first piece of fan fiction that I could stand to re-read. I'd tried writing fiction, fan and otherwise, for decades before that, but never got very far and hadn't even tried in the last 10-15 years.

But somehow that fanfic was like uncorking a bottle of champagne: ptui! went the cork. fwoosh! went the contents of the bottle that is me. I poured out absolutely ridiculous piles of fan fiction including a 38.5k word novella, and started plotting out this story.

Its germ was the story of Emmae and Warin, which was actually a story I'd carried in my head to entertain and, frankly, titillate myself. I saw that Neil Gaiman quote about daydreaming, and took it a little too much to heart. I wrote out the basics of the arc, the mere basics, and went through a couple of drafts of "Two Kingdoms," both with and without Temmin's framing story. I have drafts of the beginning of "The Peasant Boy's Tale," several chunks in draft form of "The Wise Woman's Apprentice," and bits of "Queen" floating around unwritten in my head. Once we get past "Peasant Boy," we'll all be in terra incognita until the final story.

There may be as many as ten books in the series. We'll see. I have more daydreaming to do. Smile All I know is, the main story is that of Temmin and the Teacher, and that's the story I want to get all the way through.

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You should tell your husband that writing is your hobby. And if you didn't, you might find yourself pouring the same dedicated energy into some other activity, such as say, knitting him sweaters that you'd expect him to wear to work or something. Wink

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Most High

I already knit, and rather well. Sadly for your plan, he likes the sweaters I make him and wears them alla time. In fact, he usually asks for more.

No, because this takes my attention away from our other online properties, which make us about half of our income, he's nervous. It's why I'm so focused on building audience; our other properties make money via advertising, quite a good income, actually, and we'd like this one to follow suit. That way we don't have to bug you guys for money. As much. Wink

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