Attention: Writers and Aspiring Writers Part Deux (That's French for 2 ^_^)

So, I wanna thank everyone for all the great advice. I'm slowly trying to put it into practice. As a matter of fact I just got back from a road trip. I packed up my laptop in the awesomeness that is my laptop bag and went to the library....sadly I have nothing to show for it just yet....>_

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You mean, you want opinions on your writing? Sure! What do you write about? I may or may not be able to help, but I am interested. Smile

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You know I never really thought about what I write. Perhaps real life fiction? ( I totally made that up just now!) meaning if you look closely, you'll see bits and pieces of my life thrown in. When I get home, I'll PM the first two chapters to you. Please be brutally honest.

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I love your sig quote. ^-^ Just so you know. (Hitchhiker's is also one of my favorite series). Sorry I have no advise in the writing department, I have three short stories that I started in 2004-2005 and have done nothing with them in years (although what I do have is posted over at fictionpress) Anyhoo- I wish you luck in all your writing adventures. ^-^

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The .sig quote is almost certainly from one of the Dirk Gently novels and not from the Hitchhiker series. (I like the Hitchhiker books. I completely adore the Dirk Gently novels.)

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I have yet to read it, though I'm looking for it. I've just seen the movie and was told that wasn't a good translation. The quote just fit me. I'd moved to a new city, changed my majors, and unexpectedly fell in love. And I remember thinking two days before I found it, huh didn't expect to end up here.

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