Love As Thou Wilt

Major Brownie points to those that get that reference without looking it up!

Hello all, call me Imri, and apparently I'm member 301. Awesome? (By the way Mei, I was the one sending all those tweets asking for tech support. Smile ) I am a soon to be 28 year old male living in The Woodlands, Texas. (Part of the Greater Houston area, for those that don't know.) My occupation takes some explaining. In short, I do Test and Balance work on HVAC systems. (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.) For example, let's say a new school is built. After the mechanical contractors come in and install everything and the control contractors install the controls, we come in and set up the airflow to the rooms to the amounts specified by the engineer. Then we tie down the air handlers serving the areas. Then we balance the chilled and hot water systems serving the air handlers. Then we verify all the different sensors to make sure they read correctly. (temperature, humidity, airflow, water flow, etc) Then verify that the air is can be properly conditioned to correct amounts. Then we verify the control sequence for the building. And typically we have to do this in parts since nothing is ever finished on time and all at once, and nothing ever works 100% correctly the first time. So then we write it up, and have whomever it concerns fix it, and then we check it, and then complete our job. Usually we also work for the owner of the building, and not the general contractor, so there is many a time when we are not very popular with the contractors, because we don't let them get away with anything. *chuckle*

Anywho, I started reading this after a link from ToMU, and has become my favorite web serial by far. If I was to have a geeky kryptonite it would be...books and reading. For example, I bought two new books yesterday, and I read them both already. Oops!

...and I digress. So, in closing, hello! Biggrin

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LOL! This group is simlar to AA but it is for Meilin writing instead. None of us has managed to get over our addiction to her writing yet so we just enjoy being hooked on it instead!

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Oh, I get it. I'll just say this: Terre d'Ange. Smile I had hoped your name referred to that!


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Can I have them now? Wink

Welcome - as the others have said. We have a cozy and (sometimes) rather eclectic group here. Even though some of us don't post that much....(soooo guilty on that).

I've always loved the name Imriel...I've thought for awhile that if I had a son, he'd probably get landed with the name. Poor him. I have to carry on the tradition of being named after characters (as my given name is from a fantasy book..)

ahh! Babble! I'm stopping now....

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Welcome Smile Also, I was totally recently addicted to the Kushiel's Dart books and verily appreciate the reference Smile

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Most High

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks especially for the heads-up on tech problems. I would never have known if you hadn't told me.

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When I first saw your name I wondered if you read Jacqueline Carey's books. I guess now I know that you do Biggrin unfortunately I now want to read them all again. If only I didn't have to go to school . .

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For some reason that happened to me a few times with those books... they just keep calling to me to read them again and again. But alas, I also have school to worry about.

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Another readaholic! Welcome Imri, you have no idea how glad I am to (virtually) meet you (because I haven't told you yet). I have the same ahem! problem. I have banned myself from bookstores and libraries, because a new book forces itself down my eyeballs at the earliest possible moment, not even waiting until it's convenient (some books are reaaally pushy). After too many days of going to work in a fog because I finished a book or three at 3AM, I had to take that drastic action of going 'cold turkey' or nearly so.

So now I just wait on MM, AE and others to give me controlled doses! And severely limit the new books to authors/series I've already started.

Kushiel's Dart was at once lovely and terrible - which I think it must be whenever god/esses play so closely with their toys.

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I'm just starting book 3 of that series now Kiss 2

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