Long time lurker takes long to leave the lurking be

Good day, merry folk,
I am a now former lurker who goes by the alias "Marx". Some may have seen the odd comment left by me every now and then, and some may already know me from the ToMU-forums. Still, I finally decided to let my name be listed among those faithful readers who already did so, and make myself known to you.
I followed the story almost since it's very beginnings, and have so far greatly enjoyed it, the plot as well as the way it is written. But alas, I lack the words to further extend my introductory scene, and therefore I'll leave the stage, granting others the spotlight again.

And to whoever might think I am always this eloquent - It hurts me to say I must sorely dissappoint you Blum 3

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Most High

Thanks for signing up Smile

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Good to see you over here. It's a shame that AE decided to close down her original forums...much as I like the crowd there, it just lost something, plus my free time is finite.

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Doesn't v2 of the old forums exist? I mean, I could be wrong on that part, seeing as I am sometimes not entirely too sane, but I am quite convinced that I am actually a member of the v2 forums, just a very quiet one.

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