And after all this time, I have yet to introduce myself!

How very rude of me! I suppose it's because I'm mainly a lurker/ update salker around here, but as it is 5 am and I have been up all night, I'm feeling just spontaneous enough (read:sleep-deprived and wacky) to do my own little bit of sharing. I've also spotted Meilin a couple of times via the BPAL forums, figured that the best way for me to acquaint myself would be through the forum here.

I'm Haley, I'm attending college as an illustration student in the far northern wasteland of upper-state New York, where i am currently engaged in a twofold battle against procrastination and surviving the cold. I've been following The Intimate history for about a year now (though i haven't been registered for quite that long yet), and I'm a huge fan! Meilin, you rock my world on at least a twice weekly basis. Thank you for doing what you do, and please, keep it up Smile

ps: are you as giddy about getting the decants from the lupercalia update as I am? Gwyn is just so ridiculously sweet!

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Welcome! Nice to see another member from the US's newest tundra a/k/a upstate New York. Wink

I read a weather report yesterday that said, so far, this January has been the coldest month we've had in the last five years, and that's on top of last month being the snowiest December we've *ever* had since they began keeping official records! I recommend lots of layered clothing, and especially anything made out of merino wool/cashmere/alpaca wool.

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Most High

Hello, fellow BPALLer! I am wearing Hand of Hermes and Charisma right now because I'm off to a meeting with the Paid Gig and I have had a very hard time holding two thoughts at the same time; when I get home, I may burn a candle anointed with Concentration oil. Yes, I can hardly stand it till my Lupercalia decants arrive, and yes, Gwyn is awesome. Smile My box in the BPAL tea swap just now arrived from Gwydion, and a little padded envelope arrived with a (very) partial of Midnight Mass and some frimps, including The Little Sparrow, which I really wanted to try.

Anyway, welcome!

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Welcome, nice to know there are other people who end up staying up all night and randomly posting on here, and being in Michigan I can sympathize with the issue of cold. I just hope you don't have someone doing the equivalent of what my parents do; ever since they moved to Florida they keep calling me and saying things like "It's so cold here, it dropped below 75 last night" Blum 3

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Where in NY are you guys? I live in Albany. We call it Upstate, but most everyone else doesn't unless you live in NYC.

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Sort of. More like western NY. I'm outside Rochester.

I've been bed-ridden for the last month or so (except for doctor's appointments), so I've avoided the horrible weather. Sorry for all of you who actually have to go out in it often.

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Howdy, neighbor! I'm also from the "around Rochester" neck of the woods. I'm jealous of your indoor life, although I'm sorry to hear the reason for it - I hope it's something that will get well soon!

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"Hi guys I'm a girl with bobbies."

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