Well, I've been here for nearly a year, so I suppose if I'm sticking around, I should probably introduce myself at some point. Hello. How do you do? Nice to meet you all.

I'm a Linguistics student at a major Texas university and have managed to lurk for the better part of the past year. I wandered over here from ToMU and have been enjoying the story immensely since Book 1. Hmm, I really should have looked at some of the other introductions to get some ideas, because everything I currently can think of is either too personal to proclaim at an introduction or silly sounding.

I'm an INFP, a fire rabbit by Chinese astrology, and a Scorpio by Greek. I'm 21, due to graduate college this winter, and I would love nothing more than to spontaneously become independently wealthy. Since that's rather unlikely, I'm going to try and find a job in Natural Language Processing or possibly as a hostess/customer service representative or concierge for a hotel. The more immediate future looks like a short stint in the Peace Corps to beef up my resumé. I speak passable French and Latin and a little Chinese plus a handful of words in other languages. I'm not bad at most thread-crafts (spinning, weaving, embroidery, sewing...), although crochet is my bane and I prefer knitting.

I think that's pretty much everything people might want to know about me except sexual orientations, preferences, and availability... but I believe that may be for another topic. xD

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Most High

I'd be SO GOOD at being a rich person. Welcome to accounthood!

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Yay another language/linguistics geek! Welcome to the forums Smile

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Hurray! Smile Or should I say Yee Haw? Blum 3

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Actually, while we were en route moving to Texas, Mom asked why I was so deep in thought. I apparently told her that I was worried about how I would get to school since I didn't know how to ride a horse.

I don't really have reason to use 'yee haw' too often - I grew up in suburbia and currently live in a pretty major city. Try "Hook'em" and you might get a response. Try "Gig'em" and you might get a not-so-nice one. Blum 3

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