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Ok, heres the long and short of it. About two weeks ago my computer got hit with a really nasty hoard of viruses and the hard drive had to be wiped clean and everything reinstalled. Today when I went to open a new word document to type some stuff out for a commission project I discovered- that I no longer have Microsoft word (btw- if its necessary information I have an early 2000 something or other Dell running Widows . . . .crap can't think of which one but I think its the version before Vista. . . yeah >. Upon this discovery I got to thinking "Didn't the ex have something called Open Office?" So the question I pose is this: Do any of you folks know much about Open Office, would you suggest it and is it trustworthy (read: won't introduce any gnarly compy viruses to my computer)?

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I, personally, haven't tried Open office. However, I work in tech support and have thus been subjected time and time again to "Why aren't you using Open Office?" Meaning, I've heard the praise, over and over again. I've never actually even heard anything bad about it. I'd suggest giving it a whirl. As long as you download it from a trustworthy site (preferably the original site) you won't riddle your computer with hoards of viruses again. Let us know how it turns out, if you decide to try it.

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I probably will end up using it, I just wanted to ask about it before downloading it. ^-^ I'll let you know how it works though. . .when I get around to downloading it. Right now I'm backed up with wire jewelry samples for Darice so yeah >.

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and I love it. It's totally safe, and it's open source, which means that it can't have viruses or other junk in it, because people can read the source code and anyone who can read code would be able to find that junk. I trust it more than I do Microsoft products (which I can't see the insides of). My only complaint is that I don't find the presentation software (Powerpoint equivalent) quite as easy to use as Powerpoint, but it's a minor complaint. I've been using it for years, and never had any problems.

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Great set of programs, love the idea, and love not shelling out insane amounts of money for the insane paper clip.

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Most High

The first book and a half were written in Open Office before I bought Scrivener. It's a great program, and completely safe.

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openoffice is legit and good. alot of ways better than ms office. just remember to save your files in standard formats (documents = .doc, spreadsheets = .xls, etc.). the openoffice default isn't read by alot of the purchasable office programs unless you get a plugin for it.

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www.openoffice.org in case you were wondering/feeling too lazy to google. ^_^

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Having spent last 5 years as a I.T. Consultant or worker j can day that open office is a great alternative, it is fast free and full feautured, however I still recommend windows office programs to my clients that need to worry about interoperability, if you work/teach/learn/frequent a windows based company you will have less headaches and issues with a microsoft solution, having been a poor college student for quite a fees years, there are educational discounts for office through university should be able to get for 69$ have a friend buy if you can't and put knowledgeable in microsoft office on your resume it's a required skill today, if you want for a minor inconvenience you can use trial versions for three months at a time and get the product for free I'm a huge fan of open source before I start a flame war Jacob

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If you have not already, kaspersky is best rated antivirus in the market, avg by grisoft is free and very well regarded, I use spyware doctor from the googlepack for adware and spyware. Alternatives are spybot S&D (very slow) ad-aware (resource hog) If you need any additional assistance or just would like to ask questions you can contact me at jroope at cse dot unr dot edu. I'd be happy to help.

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Wow. I wanted expecting this much of a responce to this but ok. Thanks guys ^-^
In response to Jacob's antivirus programs- I was running AVG before all the viruses showed up (apparently the firewall got turned off some how- I don't remember doing it o.0?) And the person who fixed my comp for me (one of my Dad's friends and a neighbor) put Avaira or some such on it (honestly I don't like it as much. It doesn't seem to like me scheduling a full scan which is kinda of annoying >. Anyhoo- off to start a cooking/recipe thread (its been suggested, seconded by myself and thirded [is that even a word? It is now ^-^]) and then download Open Office. Thanks for your input/suggestions/etc. ^-^

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Another not-so-minor issue my poor (but now functioning) compy has is its battery. Pre-virus attack it could only hold a charge for maybe 30 minutes (one nice thing about that was I could turn of the power strip it was on, put up a playlist or interweb radio and fall asleep knowing that it would turn off once I hit Happy Dream land). However, I was told by my neighbor who fixed it not to put the battery back in (dunno why. And actually that message was brought to me by my Dad who brought my comp back from our neighbor). So my question is this: Where can I find a new battery for an early 2000 Dell? (I know this might be a stupid question but maybe there are better options than the obvious) Thanks ^-^

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If you haven't tried google, you can type " dell battery" and usually get a handful of credible results. You might also flip open the phone book and call some local computer repair shops. A battery is easy to install and they may be able to tell you where to order one.

You might also check in with Dell. I know that they offer a lifetime warranty option, but no clue if you have one. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/batteryconfig.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs

As far as LI batteries and holding a charge, it helps the battery last longer if you charge it to full, then run it all the way down. For some reason, batteries kind of have a "memory." So if you charge it, then only use half the battery, plug it in, repeat, you may find that it lasts less and less time over a long period.

As to not plugging it in?
No clue. That's weird. Unless your battery has some kind of memory, there shouldn't be a way for a virus to hide on there. I might worry about any flash drives or mp3 players you used, but I can't for the life of me figure out why you would need to get a new one... Unless it was just the 30 minute life-expectancy driving said neighbor crazy.

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Hmmm. . . as far as charging/running down said charge goes I use my comp(which is a laptop if I failed to mention that >. . . . yup

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