It's traditional to introduce yourself?

Hello everyone, I'm Ciega, I've been reading for a while and recently decided I might as well sign up... I'm a first-year college student in Iowa and I'm really happy today because it's 22 degrees F today and it was -23 yesterday when I woke up. I play the cello and sing, but I'm probably going to be a chemistry major... not quite sure yet. Other facts about me.... I'm incapable of refusing to help anyone with their homework... I'm the second-youngest person on my floor but I feel a lot older... I make my own jewelry... I have a reciprocal admiration thing going on with one of my neighbors, where we compliment each other but disagree with everything the other says. It's kind of fun.
Anyway, hello forum, I'm glad to be here, see ya around...

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Most High

Welcome to being known. Smile

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It's better than -25 the other night, right? We're having a heat wave. Pardon Nice to meetcha!

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A fellow jewelry maker? What is it you do? ^-^
Oh- and welcome ^-^

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Mostly not-terribly-complicated bead necklaces.... sometimes wire things, making your own clasps is fun, and I have a bracelet that I made in an art class that's made of wire links... it's pretty cool...

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...I has homework...

Joking. I-m so happy Welcome!

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we have similar weather up here in ottawa, although i had to convert it to C to understand that, i really should learn F, but at least -40 is the same in both eh? it's been about -30C or colder the past few days (which is -22F)

enjoy the rest of your rez life, it is a very interesting experience.

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Ooohh... "Reciprocal admiration" eh? I just wish it's for real. But wait, what if he/she has homework? LOL

Anyways, welcome aboard. Wink


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what part do you sing?

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