• Posted on: 1 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

After getting pwned by Miss AE last night, I contemplated an April Fools chapter here, but just couldn't seem to muster the energy. (If I had, you would have gotten a ToMU/IHGK crossover. And isn't THAT a scary thought.)

I'm stalled on chapter 22, which is Saturday's update if the target is reached and next Tuesday's otherwise. All of my writer mojo is focused on that. I need to put some Block Buster oil on, mayhap. I'm heading into the political situation in the country, and I always have a hard time getting into those kinds of plots--or at least I did in my fanfiction days.

But I'm about to head up to the treadmill and thence to the shower, both prime thinkin' time. I need to put a desk on my treadmill, actually, then I could work and walk at the same time. Half of what bothers the hubby about this fiction thing of ours is that I sit on my hinder too long.


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I'd say, think "selfish and greedy." Something usually comes up when self-interests conflict, for me.

Political snarls are kind of funny. They remind me of reality TV shows.

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