first time ive posted on this site, figures hey ask a question about masturbation

Ok first things first... Hi! Ì`m a 24 year old male, and I have to be honeat... My subject is a lie... This is technically 2 questions.

(note. I'm posting this from my phone, please excuse typos)

Firstly question: I'm well aware that masturbation is normal and natural, etc. I have no problem with it, however I once had a frien who told me that he stopped because doing so used a lot of energy and he wanted to focus his energies elseqhere. Any truth to that?
Second question: I have trouble getting to skeep, I sleep fine once I'm there but getting to sleep is problamatic. I've had people say to me "just jerk off you'll pass right out afterwards". Does not work for me it actually keys me up. Ice used it to pull all nighters. Is there something wrong with my brain chemistry or was said friend wrong?

Side note: I'm not sure if this is a place for advise ala dr. Drew (if you don't know who he is google him, the man is amazing) or ala love guru type thing. If the questions I've asked are out of your bailiwick feel free to ignore me. There is no pressing matter more just curiosity

Thanks either way.

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1. Other than the actual legitimate physical time and energy that it takes you to achieve climax, I don't think so. There's always been a strong mythos around bodily fluids, but personally, other than in a spiritual sense, most of those fall into the realm of night humours and the idea that bathing makes you sick.

2. Orgasm often makes people sleepy; it's because your body releases a LOT of happy little endorphins that relax you and make it easier to drift off. Just because it doesn't do that to you doesn't mean you're weird; you might just need different things to sleep, or you might have too strong a mental association between sex and activity. If you've never been allowed to just doze off after having some fun, that might be why. Smile For whatever reason, you're perfectly normal if you don't fall asleep after sex; it's not a necessity, and a lot of people get annoyed if you do! Use it to your advantage.

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First off, I'm mostly just repeating the last post, since she's right. As a 20 year old male athlete and bio major, I can tell you that masturbating does not rob you of any "energies". Whether it works you up or calms you down is a matter of conditioning and hormone balance, but, aside from the half hour or so it takes me, and some spare ATP in my left arm, there's nothing depleted afterwards.

Hope this helps.

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I can honestly say I never thought I'd see someone talk about masturbation and adenosine triphosphate all in one breath. Biggrin

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That's primarily a spiritual issue. If you talk to some eastern spiritual practitioners, you'll get advice not to ejaculate, not necessarily not to orgasm. This is a talent that takes some training. Whether it's necessary depends on your spiritual world view.

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One can orgasm without ejaculating? really?

I must do more research on this. that would be ... convenient.

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is Mantak Chia, for instance. Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy is his work on the subject, and I've read both it and his equivalent book for women. Can't speak to their effectiveness, but I did learn a lot on Taoist sexual philosophy.

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One must be careful, though. There are a couple different ways to do it. One way involves forcing the ejaculate back in to your body and that is very bad. That is in the more Taoist tradition as they believe that ejaculating weakens you, etc. In the Tantric tradition, you can actually prolong your orgasms or have multiple orgasms (I'm talking specifically about men right now, but there is also a great deal women can do to have multiple orgasms) all without ejaculating until the end.

I understang the appeal of not ejaculating, but keep in mind that its a healthy thing to do and though I don't know for sure, I suspect avoiding ejaculation could have some negative reprocussions. Also, while you may not shoot your whole load, the risk of pregnancy is still there, so be safe and use a condom or other form of birth control.

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Actually I've read a bit on the topic (research for a story) and you actually should get the... stuff (ah, no training in Lovers Temple XD) out once a while. This depends, male to male, as for some the only way is masturbation, others just have to wash their pajamas after wet dreams and there is about.. 10% if I remember lucky part whose juice cleans itself when they pee (simultaneously). It strongly depends on the person: some males produce not that fast, so it's no bother for them, others have to jack off even though they lead very active sexual life.
*blink* I always hope that at some point in my life I will make some use of all the strange information I tend to collect...

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While it does not drain any energies in the western sence, if you decide to have children, it can make it more difficult conceive. You have a wet dream because of a build up of genetic juice. If you are constantly spanking it, you're shooting out that juice that you'd otherwise need.

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This isn't one I've heard before. Are you stating that men who masturbate more frequently have lower sperm counts? From what I've been told, we grow millions of the little buggers on a regular basis--they multiply indefinitely. It's not like women, who are born with thousands of eggs in their ovaries and never really "make more" (but also never need to worry about running out). Even if there was a temporary association between frequent masturbation and lower counts, I would expect it to return to normal swiftly--within a week or two, tops.

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If you beat it hours before sex, yes, likelihood of baby is less. Give it two days and you're pretty much at 100% of your little wigglies.

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It takes two to three days to replenish the stores, as it were. I personally need to go without release quite a bit longer than that to get into wet dream country.

As for the sleepiness, it can work both ways for me. If I work myself all the way up, I can be rather keyed up afterwards, but if I go at it in a relaxed fashion, I sometimes barely have time for the cleanup before falling asleep.

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We do produce them constantly. But if a guy doesn't have a release, then the wet dream. However, it takes time to build up to the level where that happens. Masturbation doesn't permanantly lower your count, unless you get to vigerous and injure yourself. But it takes time for the production to build the count back up, and this is detrimental if you are trying to concieve at the same time as your other activities.

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Compared to all the other factors/difficulties involved in conception including but not limited to: Timing sex around ovulation, the massive amount of mutations that occur during meiosis and the chances of a viable sperm fertilizing a viable egg....a slightly lowered sperm count due to masturbation is pretty low on the list. Far more detrimental (for men): using laptops on your lap, taking very hot showers, etc. Anything that raises the temperature above 70-80 F in the crotch area (read: testicles) hampers sperm production.

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Yeah--if you jerk off alot, your count is lower...

but the ones that are missing are mostly the slower, lowest-mobility fellas. I'm unaware of any data supporting any decrease in -baby-, though there are data tending to show lower sperm count.

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Actually much like any other excercise the more you do it the more you can do it. My male partner is a little monkey when it comes to that and we got his sperm-count checked when we were trying to concieve (which if you've never been there involves the man not having any release for three days) and he had plenty. More than plenty. The Dr told us that the more often a man ejaculates the more sperm he will produce(as well as all the other seminal fluids which are also very good for a mans reproductive and prostate health) and that despite wht you might think or have been told by friends actually "holding it in" is what lowers the count. Just as studies have shown that men who do not have regular release(through sex or masterbation) are more at risk for ED, UTI and Prostate cancer. It dosen't just realse tension but cleans things out and lubricates. So spank away, it dosen't lower your energy or sperm-count- if anything it will probly increase both.

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I'm going to give you my perspective and my husbands. Although we have never discussed this with other people, we both suspect we were exceptional masturbators compared to your random person.

1) As a young female, masturbation was a pleasurable activity that I could spend as much time doing as playing Barbies, but not say, reading a book. Some would say I should have been doing a more complete exercise or spending time with others, so in that sense it took some spare energy. It also made the tops of my legs sore. Though I didn't mind too much, I did notice it after a good stretch of masturbating. So... it didn't hurt the rest of my energies. If a person can comfortably choose to spend their time in other ways, than that is no different from focusing one's sports energies on other things, or board game energy, or whatever, IMO.

My husband has experimented with Masturbating marathons, where nothing comes out after awhile, just to see what would happen. His argument is that he couldn't even have done this if it somehow exhausted energy.

2) When I was an impressionable young chat going teen, I remember having a weird conversation with a supposedly older married woman. I have no idea how legit this person was, but I clearly remember the person leaving to have sex with their significant other when they got home, and then logging back on later when he was "in the shower." I thought you were supposed to sleep after sex, I commented. The person simply said, "Sex doesn't put me to sleep! It energizes me!" So when I had sex I didn't expect it to affect me one way or the other. From what I can tell, when I am tired, I'll fall asleep after all the excitement and resolution. It can be relaxing when I'm tense, especially if my tension was partially sexual. On the other hand, if I'm not tired, and sex was just a fun activity, I can feel giddier and more lively after sex as well. I'm not a particularly energetic person, but for me, I feel more bubbly. My husband often falls asleep after sex, but he says masturbation doesn't make him sleepy.

So maybe it all depends on your 'base state,' of sorts. If you're tired and stressed, good sex and maybe masturbation can unwind you, allowing you to relax after. If you're feeling lazy, vigorous sex could activate your day. If you don't have a lot of energy to burn, sex might zap your resources. If not... maybe it just keys you up to get rid of your excess energy!

And don't we need less sleep as we age? If you really need more sleep, you need to find something that DOES relax you enough to get into a sleep state, I think. If not... do something else, man! Lucky you!

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I do love me some Pinsky. His show on TV sucked, but what can you do...getting Mary Carey to do anything just doesn't make for compelling television.


1. Could. Some people REALLY get into jacking (or jilling off) and its a focus of theirs. If that is a focus of your energy, then it could "rob your energy" from other activities. Hmmm...pound the pud or watch a flick? Why not do both?!?!

2. Some people get turned ON when they ahve sex and take a while to calm down. It an individual thing. Me, calms me. Makes me want to sleep, but YMMV Smile

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