I'm official, now

Hello all! I've been reading since very early in book one and have posted on some topics as just Sara. I finally set up an account so I thought I'd pop up and say hello Smile

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Welcome welcome! x]

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Make yourself at home.

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And salutations.

I'm curious, where did you find your picture?

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Most High

...but I can't remember where. Anyway, welcome to accounthood!

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It was all over the news for awhile. The couple was buried together in an embrace and they happen to be some of the oldest human skeletons found in this good of condition. Interesting cultural implications, also, terribly moving Smile

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The ones where someone got sacrificed in order to join the other in eternal (or at least 5 millennia) of bliss? Sounds almost Tremontine...

But hey, welcome to the forums! Biggrin

ETA: If there's any Italian-readers among us, I'd be interested to hear if the articles linked in http://dna-forums.org/index.php?showtopic=2913 provide any juicy new tidbits.

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I'd call those interesting, especially in such early humans.

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was on Yahoo's Most Emailed list for a long time a while back. I couldn't decide if it was really sweet (HUGGING skeletons!) or really creepy (hugging SKELETONS!!)
er, if you want the full story I found a version of it here...

Also, welcome, Saramander! ^_^

*slinks back into lurkitude*

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Welcome to the zoo

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