Need help finding scene I want to re-read

I need help fining the scene where Temmin goes out horseback riding with his mother, the one that includes the head groom Cappel presenting Ansella with a young horse named Rhubarb.

That chapter contains the first reference to the nurse at Whithorse and I'm trying to create a wiki entry for her. I swear I have re-read all of book one two or three times in the last three days and most of book two and I can NOT find it! ARGH! Not that I don't enjoy re-reading the History, but it is driving me absolutely buggy that I can't find this one frigging scene! Please for the love of all that's good and holy, if you remember which book/chapter this scene is in, put it in a comment for this post?

Many many thanks in advance!

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Most High

Right here. Smile I just referenced that chapter myself for "Goose Fat," looking for ideas. That Temmin could imitate her, and on medical matters, convinced me that she must have lived for the sick room; she liked to fuss. Smile

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Thank you!! And you did an excellent job with the "Goose Fat" story, because that's exactly what came across to me when I read it Smile

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Love it, use it. I find it indispensable for wiki duty. In the Google search field, input " Rhubarb" without the quotes. Oilá!

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