Dreaming of a white Christmas . . . in Vegas?

So, I live in Vegas. Every winter, we get a snow flurry or two in the middle of the night in some of the cooler areas, like Summerlin. But it never sticks enough to actually see in the morning. We get snow at Mt. Charleston, but it is bad snow. It doesn't pack at all. No snowballs, no snowmen.
We got our Christmas tree on Tuesday and made plans to decorate it and bake cookies (a pot luck at work and cookie exchange at the kidlets school) on Wednesday. Sounds kinda like a hallmark card, but without the snow 'cause we live in Vegas.
Well, it snowed. It snowed a lot. Ok, about 4 inches, which isn't a lot to those of you who live in places where it snows, but it is a lot here. And it was good packing snow. We had snowballs and snowmen. And we had family over, including my niece and her bf visiting from Reno. And we decorated the tree, made cookies, and watched the new Muppet Christmas special.
It was an amazing night. I asked around and it has not snowed like that here in 30 years. That is as long as I've been alive. School was even canceled today because this place is so not ready for snow and the roads wouldn't be safe. Anyway, I got a white Christmas in Vegas. Sure, it wasn't Christmas yet, but pretty close. I'll take it Smile

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you took our snow! it's been 60 degrees all week and rainy! Blum 3 have fun with it though Biggrin

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You can have some of our snow.

Weather man just said to expect 7"-10" tonight.

Schools here aren't even delayed for that much snow.

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Heh, same out here in western MA. 8-12" this afternoon/evening, and a repeat of that on Sunday. But 4-6" is nothing! Can't really remember a Yule this snowy in recent memory. It's not supposed to snow this much until February, I thought? Then again, my parents' house (in NH) gets enough snow that 1. they hire a plow to do the driveway, 2. they still need to shovel off the roof, and 3. before it gets warm, the snow is literally more than twice my height (granted, I'm fairly short, but still...).

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I would ask for some of your pretty snow, but LA would be declared a natural disaster zone if that ever happened Blum 3

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It practically was here. Highways were closed, the airport too. The roads and buildings here just aren't made for snow, so even a little bit can get dangerous. Back in Colorado, it had to be a serious blizzard to cancel school. But they have plows and such for the roads. Here, apparently, we have a few backhoes to clear the roads of snow. And I'm sure the school bus drivers have not driven a bus in the snow or even sludgy ice before, and the tires aren't made for it either. Just a few inches is certainly a hazard here. Any more, and I bet it would have been a natural disaster zone. I will put pics on MySpace and Facebook sometime soon.

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that you got a nice white Christmas! It's always nice. ^_^

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Where I am in North Carolina we get ice before snow, but even ice is rare. I miss the snow and having a white Christmas. I grew up north in a snow belt. I always feel the weather hiccups down here. So I am jealous of all of you having snow. But I am glad you all are so lucky also.

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I just shoveled another ten inches. How is that lucky? Not that I'd trade having the seasons, but we had 72" last winter and are on track to top that this year. What can I say. We got spoiled by not having so much snow the last couple years.

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As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "One man's justice is another's injustice; one man's beauty another's ugliness; one man's wisdom another's folly."

I have a friend who grew up in the South and gets all giddy at the mere mention of snow. I know how it can be living with snow more than half the year. But being down South, I do miss the snow and seasons.

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