Write or die!


I highly recommend it for all my favorite web serial authors Biggrin On the medium setting, not kamikaze...

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It netted me a 5,000 word day when I was in the midst of National Novel Writing Month. I had to set it on kamikaze, though -- nothing else was enough of a deterrent for me. It's fairly exhausting to write at that kind of pace, too. Not something to do every day, but oh man, you can't beat it when you need a figurative kick in the pants. (Literal kicks in the pants seem to do nothing to improve my writing; the pants feel no pain, and I wear skirts.)

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Most High


No mother in the universe would be able to use that; we get called away from our projects at least a dozen times an hour!

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I might do it on kamikaze mode just for the heck of it, to freak myself out.

I should definitely use it, but not for my serial... I have actual deadlines for that, and I'd never be able to face myself (not to mention MystycalMage) if I missed one. I need to use it for my other projects that don't have deadlines.

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