In need of your happy thoughts

Hey, everybody. Like so many others at this time of the year, and this year particularly, I'm going through a bit of a rough spot. Overall, I'm doing okay, but a lot of things have been snowballing lately, and I'm about as down and out as it's possible to get when you've still got food/shelter/family. If you can, I'd love it if anyone could send happy thoughts/good vibes/prayers this way for a couple things and people...:
my sick, older father
my mother, who's supporting my 96-year-old grandmother and my dad, and putting me through college single handed
my exams
the tons of little karmic things that have been building up, like losing my bike key and having the police refuse to help me hacksaw it free, etc.

Thank you, guys. This is a really sweet community, and I know it'll make me feel better if even one or two of you spend half a moment thinking of me. Happy holidays, everybody.

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Most High

If you were here, I'd make you some hot buttered tea (hot buttered rum mix in milk w/tea...mmm) and pat you on the head. And Sir would hacksaw your bike free. Smile I'm thinking of you.

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Hugs and happy thoughts in large quantities, all for you! -glomp-

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Whole variety of them over here. I'd offer hugs too, but coughing and sneezing all over you ruins the effect. I'll raise a glass to all of you when my family gets together.

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THOSE I can afford to give out in massive quantities

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And toss your holly onto the fire tomorrow. Always worked for me.

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My school is very old and *very* involved in ancient traditions, so we actually have a yule log ceremony tonight. Every single one of us gets a sprig of holly to rub on the log for luck and then toss into the great fire to burn away the worries of the year. I'm actually looking forward to it; it'll be a great relief.

To everyone, thank you for all the love. It means a lot right now. *hugs for all*

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Hope it helped--my hat's not working for me tonight.

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It helped a lot, honestly. My school and the surrounding area really know how to do Christmas, so the President of the College came dressed as Santa and read us stories (all several hundred-to-a-thousand of us) and I rubbed the log with my holly as they carried it by, and I got to toss it right in the middle of the fire while the Gentlemen of the College caroled near by... It made everything a little bit better. Smile Thank you for your thoughts and wishes, everyone. Two more exams, and so far everything else is carrying itself alone just fine. And I found my bike key!

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*hugs* and you'll make it!! Smile

also I second the cookies...

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*sends hugs* hope all goes well.
Also- I think its cool that your school is involved in ancient traditions.
The only traditions I can think of for my school are dragging May 4th out for a week every year, the Kent/Akron football rivalry and the Ohio State/Michigan game (then again thats every school in the two states ^-^)
Anyhoo- lots of good vibes and hope all goes well and you get your bike free ^-^ Happy Holidays

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But happy happy thoughts of fuzzy warm blankets and hot tea and ~kitties!

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