Might as well

hop on the band wagon and introduce myself. I've been meaning to get around to it, and since I have some procrastinating to do this is the perfect time.

I have a love/hate relationship with science. The hate part is probably because of all the exams that science brings with it. I like drawing, love reading, and am going to give knitting a try over winter break. We'll see how that goes. Anyone need a badly-made scarf? I keep trying to write but it never has enough direction to go anywhere, so I really admire Mei Lin. I'm mostly vegetarian. I still live in my birth-state, so my biggest goal is to get out into the rest of the world as soon as possible. My favorite color to wear is black, and my favorite colors to decorate with are pretty much anything you'd see outside on an autumn day. And last but not least, I also have a crush on Math. *waves at Sir*

Yay! Intro = done.

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Most High

Thanks for finally introducing yourself! Smile

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Welcome around. I love the icon, too.

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Thanks Smile

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I'll come out of the closet to you as a LARPer (live-action role player). My main and dearest character is a dark Faerie named Muriel, and boy does she love badly-made scarves. = P Problem is that I'm actually really bad at making them--since I crochet instead of knit, they're never warm enough. So I may hit you up on that one day. = P Welcome, btw!

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I've always wanted to try LARPing but none of my friends that live nearby are nerdy enough to do it with me Blum 3

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I've done it 5 times at what is supposedly one of the biggest LARP organizations, the northeast NERO. I wasn't really that crazy about it. I played as an NPC because it was cheaper and easier than starting a character. I'll break down my experience, as it went from 'okay' to 'this sucks'.

In the beginning, I got harassed a lot because typically I lasted about 3x longer in combat than I was supposed to. It's really, really hard to smack someone with a sword and call out '5 normal!' every time, while trying to do the math in your head to subtract the hits that multiple other people are calling out from your hitpoints and attempting to dodge at least a couple swings. After the 1st event, I learned that if I bs'd my stats, people couldn't bitch at me. I simply told people I had a super stamina spell on me or something.

As I went on, I discovered 3 classes of people. There are the 'actors'. These are people that love Renn Fairs, probably are in or went to school for theater arts and lived in their high school's theater dept. They like the costumes and the ability to play a part. These people were generally cool and usually helpful if you did something stupid, although I hate Renn-speak.

There are the D&D wannabes. These are the people that live to be Glordung the 18th level dwarf. They generally have dumped obscene amounts of money into their gear, make it a point of arguing that their leather greaves with brass rivets should be worth +4 armor because they're BRASS rivets and blah blah. They are not fun to play with, with 1 exception. If you're some kind of thief/assassin-type that sneaks around at midnight, these guys are great to play with. They charge in, everyone attacks them and you're free to run around backstabbing everyone.

Lastly, there are the newbs. These are generally younger people who are there because smacking the crap out of things with a piece of pvc pipe sounds totally awesome. They don't last long.

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To continue on to playing. Playing a character is pretty fun. I got to do it as a trial and it was pretty cool and I could see the potential of it. Unfortunately, it is crazy expensive. All that crazy leatherwork you see at Renn Fairs? Yeah, you need that, because homemade pieces don't count as much. The cost to attend as a character is very high as well. And it takes literally years for you to not suck. Early on, you're a wimp and so you die a ton. And an easy 80% of the playerbase have been doing it for a long time, so quests and missions and so on are centered more around them. The noob missions are about as challenging as the 1st few levels of Tetris. Plus, the other players are a lot more likely to burn their healing or res. spells on someone that has a little staying power, not someone who dies after 4 hits from a goblin.

There are certainly some fun parts and I like whupping someone with a boffer as much as the next person, or sneaking around the woods and backstabbing someone, or jumping out of a tree to ambush, or... But imo, you need to either fit one of the 3 types I mentioned or go with a group of friends that are similar in personality to you. You also need to be ready to invest a lot of time and money into it to really get a lot out of it.

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