Hola! Me llamo Fred ^_^

Actually it really is. I'm a 19 year old undergrad eventually going for a BS in biology, with plans of torturing - I mean teaching. I'm engaged, and will (hopefully!) be getting married in 2010. I found MeiLin while wandering about the webcomic bits of the interweb and now I check it all the time just to see what titillating tidbits she's posted. I'm trying to get my fiance to buy me your books for my birthday ^_^

I just want to tell Mei Lin that you are a wonderful writer and I envy your abilities.


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you sound like me! except for the engaged part. teaching ftw Smile

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Most High

And thanks for posting your intro! Such a flurry of it lately. I blame finals procrastination. Smile

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lol how did you know I was avoiding class work? Blum 3

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It's good to meet a new member!

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