Hey, Hi, Hello.

So, I'm Pikachua42, please call me Chu ^_^.I'm a 24 year old student. I'm currently trying to get into nursing school, so please keep your fingers crossed. I stumbled over here from Tales of Mu, and I'm not ashamed to say that I've been lurking in the wings for a while now. IHOTGK is now officially my favorite serial. I'm hooked and even though I know the update days, I stop by everyday hoping....
So, I guess that's it. My grand introduction, I'm going back to lurking now.

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and good luck getting into school, I am on the downslope myself. I hope to graduate in May with my ADN.



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Lovely to meet you, Chu! ^_^

Good luck with your Nursing school application. Nurses are sorely needed, I almost wish I had that calling sometimes, but I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing right now.

I've always been interested in Massage, Chiropractic, and most recently in Acupuncture. I may yet go back to school in five or six years for something along those lines. Time will tell.

What kind of nursing are you interested in? Geriatric? ICU? Nurse Practitioner? There are so many different kinds of nursing nowdays!

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I'm hoping to go into rehabilitation nursing. That way I can see the good I do up close. I did think briefly of going into massage therapy, but when it came down to it it just wasn't what I was looking for

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Most High

Thanks for signing up!

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Wow, it took me a minute to realize what IHOTGK was... but I think the "HOT" in the middle of it is very appropriate Wink

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I admit I come most days, too. Sometimes those bonus stories sneak up on me and reward my lurking.

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