So it's like this...

I am slow, I've been meaning to make an account for a while now. But you see, all these excuses came up and, well, I'm at work and... Well you get the picture.

So here I am, actually making an account and, gasp, making a post. I'm wildly inconsistent when it comes to these forum type things, but I always look forward to reading a new chapter after one is written. In fact, this was one of these things that helped me survive sleepless nights while my son was teething (in fact, it still does at times...).

So, about me!

I live in Texas, I'm 24 and I have a wonderful husband and son. I love food and reading, and sometimes even reading about food. In fact, there are times when I can sit down and read a cookbook and thoroughly enjoy myself.

Mmm.. Unfortunately I also only come online at work, so I really am busy. In fact, it looks like I'm going to have to cut this short.

So, that's it! (See, I'm horrible at this)

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Most High

Welcome to accounthood! I remember the Teething Years. No1 Daughter would go on nursing jags--12 hours straight, no lie--and No2 would just drool on everything in sight. Blum 3

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ooooo teething, is he your first kid? Do you mind if I ask his name?
You sound like my type of mother, the cookbook reading ones are the best! (Not that I'll be a very good cookbooker, but my mum is.)

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My six month old daughter just started the teething. I hate this part. You know.. the part where they finally *finally* start actually sleeping through the night, and suddenly all hope is lost. You will never sleep again. Well.. logically, you know you will, but it's little comfort when you're holding this tiny person who has about wrung out your last bit of sanity. (this is experiment #3.. see? sanity lost) Okies, ending the mommy rantishness.

Yay for a reader! Although one would suppose there are lots of readers in the community here, seeing as how it's a book and all, but it's always nice to meet another one.

I too am a cookbooker! In point of fact I shall be opening up a bakery in little more than seven months if all goes according to plan! Things rarely do, but I'm so totally stoked i could care less. Biggrin

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He's 14 months old and his name is Ewan... Unfortunately I couldn't breast feed him as long as I would have liked as I couldn't produce enough milk to actually, you know, feed him. He's big, not a chunky monkey but long and mature looking. Most people look at him and expect him to say more than "Hi" and "Kitty". He's actually been very good in regards to teething, but I've been very lucky and had a good baby over all (he's so sweet when he's not dragging out the pots and pans all over the house). Yes, this is my first... A but of an unexpected surprise but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

ZestyJester, congrats on the bakery! That sounds absolutely awesome, I think if I could get motivated (and had the financial backing) I would do something similar. I hope all goes well for you, and that you go places!

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Did you get snow? I heard folks in the Houston area did.

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