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So, I've been reading forever, but I'm not really one for forums. I have no idea how much time I'll be spending here (probably not much), but I wanted MeiLin to know that she had another loyal reader. This is my favorite of many serials that I read and I'm totally in love with the world you've created.

A bit about me I guess... I'm a recent college grad. BFA in Theatre Design and Production. I'm a stage manager, but dabble in lighting on occasion. I'm currently living with my parents because I'm too poor to move and just recently lost my job, so it's a pretty bleak situation. But I try to be positive. Hopefully the new year will bring with it a job in my field.

Anyway, I should really be sleeping. Keep up the great work MeiLin.

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Most High

Somewhere around here is The Bug King. You guys should talk. I'm sorry to hear about your job, it's a hard Yuletide this year, isn't it? Have faith. Things always turn around, and as long as you have your health and/or your family, you'll be all right.

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Oh, I've no doubt that things will work out eventually. They always do. Thanks for your kind words though.

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The theater department at my school is forcing me to stage manage this spring. There aren't a lot of people willing, but I can't stand it. If I had money, I would totally pay you to come up here and do it for me. As I don't... take pity? Blum 3 Good luck finding a job for reals though. I admire people who can actually stage manage well and enjoy it.

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Yeah, it's kind of a ridiculous breed of people who stage manage. Seriously, if you need any help with anything (that I can help with via the internet) feel free to ask. Good luck with it! It can be fun, I promise.

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And best of thoughts to you in the hunt for a new job.

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