Donation Challenge round-up

My goodness! What a week! Since my last tally, we have gotten 4 more people, 1 new subscription and $35 = 33 people, 9 new subscriptions and $189


If you include the big donation (as a monthly drop only), it comes to

34 people, 10 new subscriptions and $239!


You guys have earned a LOT of chapters!! Thank you SO much. What I haven't said is that my income from my little blog empire (I have about four sites in all) has dropped dramatically, from about $1500-2000/mo to less than 10% of that; it's the advertising decline, and it's hit all media particularly hard, not just me. This isn't "extras" money any more, this is the family budget now. So thanks DOUBLY!

More ideas on how you can help out without sending me a dime are here, and if you have even more ideas, add them to this thread.

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That's incredibly cool. I'll wait 'til midnight Pacific to send you my matching funds because I wouldn't want to miss out on any last minute procrastinators or people whose own paychecks arrive late.

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I'm very glad to hear that this went well for you:).

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It might not hurt to repost your challenge, just in cases anyone missed it the first time, since it's now sufficiently far down the "newest" page . . .

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but the challenge is over as of 6 hours ago (midnight Pacific time). Meilin, will you post the final results, please?

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Most High

Including the monster donation, the final tally:

36 people
10 new subscriptions
$264 (treating the monster donation as monthly; otherwise it's $814!)

As I've said elsewhere, this could not have come at a better time. Ad revenue, upon which I really do depend, is down 90% across all my sites (this is one of four active sites, one of which--not this one--makes the bulk of my income), making me actually dependent on donations for the first time, rather than have them be something nice and validating.

AND SPECIAL AMAZING THANKS TO MANOKI!! Who has been a friend of mine for nearly 12 years now, and we've never met face to face--Manoki, can you believe that?! Biggrin

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Most High

Don't forget that if you couldn't come up with $1 now--that's alls I'm asking for, $1 from each of you on a semi-regular basis, like once a month or even once a quarter--I'll take that $1 later. And if you can't even do that, look at all the things you CAN do that don't cost you a single dime. Thank you, everyone, for liking my story so much.

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Thanks to everyone who rose to the challenge! $264 is a lovely round number (perfect, I'm not sure). But it's divisible by 12, so I'm going to make a $22 subscription for the Dec 2008 - Nov 2009 year. And next Thanksgiving we'll try to do this again. If I can afford it. Smile

Y'all are amazing! Especially all the donors who don't have much to give. But also those who stretched to give more than they would otherwise have given (myself included). Thanks!

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Wow, I'm impressed Smile Between you and the other large donation, we're at $72 a month for the next year Biggrin

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Most High

All told, with all 17 subscribers it comes out to $191 a month. That's AWESOME.

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See? You are doing well, Mei! I think everything happens for a reason and that all things work out in the end. Smile

You rock my socks, lady.


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