PayPal, I say at thee: Argh!

So I went on vacation with my family for Thanksgiving. My dad went to Harvard Business School, and made friends with a very nice woman while he was there who turned out to be an Italian countess (how cool is that?). She invited us to her house in the Caribbean for the holiday, along with a bunch of her other friends, to celebrate her husband's 50th birthday. it was a lot of fun, particularly since her son and I are... let's say "close" }:) In any case, I logged into PayPal while I was there to send my business partner some money, since she lost her day job.

Today, three days later, I get an email from PayPal. "Your account may have been compromised by a third party. We have limited some of your actions."

What they DIDN'T tell me was that they also reversed all transactions for the last week. My payment to my business partner, my (admittedly meager) donation to MeiLin, and my purchase of some Christmas presents all were reversed. I wouldn't have discovered this for quite a while, since I rarely log in to PayPal, except that my business partner emailed me in confusion asking what had happened and why the payment had been reversed.

Why didn't they TELL me?

And then to make matters worse, I logged in to try to fix the problem. I got a "your account is limited" message, and to fix it I had to:

-Set a new password
-Set two new security questions
-Add a credit card
-Confirm the billing address on the credit card
-Confirm the phone number on the credit card
-Confirm my social security number

I'm a CS major, and not stupid about such things; I checked that it was all from PayPal, so at least I won't get my identity stolen. But OH MY GOD it's such a pain! I went through the first four steps, then stalled out at the last two. The former, because it's midnight and my parents, sister and aunt are asleep; the latter because even though I entered the right SSN, it wouldn't accept it. I finally called their customer service (and got lucky, because they close in an hour or so) and had to get the woman there to verify my phone number and accept my SSN. I then made her go over my account, resend all the canceled transactions, and then double check that the money had actually gone through. MeiLin, if you read this, let me know if they don't resend you my donation?

But gah. Such a stupid overall general headache, all because I was out of the country.


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Most High

Yeah, I got a "We suspect you are a bad hat what has stolen money from some poor hapless person!" otherwise known as "What's all this, then!" I logged into the complaint center and said, "I'm sure I have no idea what you're going on about, you blaggard!" and they sent me back a "That's very different, never mind, here's your money." So everything's good. Thank you! Smile

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It was me. I had the epic fail. Epic fail also apparently includes a tendency to injure oneself: In the last two days I have walked into a window- blood is very hard to get out of your hair- and had my hip get into a disagreement with some seashells. This all aided and abetted by the fact that waterskiing on a rough ocean for the first time in... oh, three years? Probably more... has left me with every single muscle in my body sore.

My vacations are so much fun >.>

Sorry to accidentally convince PayPal that you are a bad hat Biggrin

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GROSS! I don't have much to say.

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that sounds like a pain. I'm glad they haven't randomly decided that I'm not myself.

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At least you didnt have to send in a copy of your identification papers Blum 3 I had to fax a copy of my passport over, and without access to a fax machine or scanner, that took quite some time >.> Mine happened on a donation to Alexandra Erin, but MeiLin's went through just fine?

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Y'know, Paypal can be so convenient it's a PAIN IN THE ASS. >.

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