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Okie-dokie- here it goes

'Ello all- My name is Paisleigh (spelling has been changed because I said so :P) and I've been lurking around History for a few months so I figured it was about time I got myself an account and introduced myself. Lets see, intros intros what to say? Hmmm- Well- I am a third year student at Kent State majoring in jewelry and metals. I enjoy working with Habitat (when I actually get up on time). I am employed by dining servises and spend a lot of time checking up on History- just in case I miss an up-date. Yup- thats about it. Now you know ^-^

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Most High

hi! Thanks for getting an account and introducing yourself!

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Welcome! What does one do with a major in jewelry and metals?

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...they make metal jewelry. Gold, silver, platinum all being metals, ya? }:)

Welcome to the ranks of the registered, Paisleigh...one of my favorite perks is being able to visit the /tracker and see what comments have appeared since my last visit.

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Most High

It's what I use. It's quick, it's comprehensive, it shows you what comments you haven't read and what posts are new to you, it's here--and you can see it if you're not registered/logged in. It just doesn't work as well. All the nice "new to you" bits don't work unless you're registered and logged in.

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I haven't quite figured that one out yet. One can becoome a self-employed jeweler(or work for one). One of the things I was thinking of was getting a job at any of the various amusment parks/historical park that have a blacksmith doing decorative iron working or a silversmith.
OR- I'm thinking of pairing it up with a physics minor. If I did that I could, in theory, go back to the bowling alley I worked at apply for a mechanics/pinchaser position and be like "Look at this! I can do this you big meanies Blum 3 (my managers adn I had issues on that one while I was still employed there. *grrr. . . * ah-hem, anyhoo. . . )"
Although, to be honest- I'll probably just keep working in kitchens, traveling internationally and eventually open up my own old-school diner in some cool college town somewhere. (I would still do my jewelry thing but when one wishes to do some form of art for a living, one also needs a straight gig. Unless one gets really lucky. ^-^)
But thats what I plan on doing with a jewelry major.

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