Here I sit, agonizing over what to write.

I haven't the faintest idea what I can put in this box. Best, I guess, to start with the basics.

Hi! I'm Enid! I randomly wandered in here one day on a link from somewhere, not even sure where anymore. Needless to say, this story stuck in my brain, the other did not! I enjoy comma abuse and good fiction. I like to pretend I'm a writer myself, although nowhere near the category of the esteemed Author here, mostly I just stick with bad poetry and attempts to perfect the great, angsty monologue. XD

Um....yeah..... I'm at a loss now. An Intimate History rocks my socks, assuming I remembered to put some on today.

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Most High

Thanks for introducing yourself, and I'm sure you could outstrip me if you just practiced. Smile

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post the bad poetry or something Smile We'll give you whatever level of feedback you ask for

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I just signed up too! Yay new people! But see, I'm shy and making a post that will show up on the "newest" page makes me nervous. = P So you're already ahead of the game (at least my game) there.

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my bad poetry is all posted elsewhere, i'm only here to socialize, not frighten you!

(that being said, if you ask really nicely i may show you my devart page! hahaha)

and if i had realized this would've shown up on the newest list, i totally would never had posted it! >.>

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